Heroes 4 Equilibris HD mod v3.60 beta release + full changelog

The Equilibris is an add-on to Heroes of Might and Magic IV (balance mod). Heroes of Might and Magic IV is an excellent game, however, to the regret of many players, the game was rushed to the stores too early, and came out in a somewhat unfinished shape.

The Equilibris HD version, in addition to the “native” resolutions, supports screen resolutions of 1366×768, 1600×900 and 1920×1080. The mod includes a French translation. The original WOW files are no longer needed to install the mod. For a description of the new functionality, see the equilibris.chm file in the root folder of the game.

The Equilibris mod beta
Heroes 4 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

Mini FAQ:
Q: Why beta, and not a full release?
A: The beta status is given for the following reasons:
• Lack of full testing. For example, the mod has not been tested online.
• This version of the mod contains some bugs (see the “Bugs” section in the file equilibris.chm) that do not seriously affect the gameplay.
• Some of the game objects (new treasures) are not balanced, translations into English and French are not corrected.
In general, in my testing, the mod showed stable operation, no critical bugs were identified.

Q: What is the performance in HD mode?
A: The mod was successfully launched in HD mode on AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual 4800 + / 2Gb / NVIDIA Geforce 6150SE nForce 430 int. Stress testing was carried out on a system Intel Pentium G4400 3.3GHz / 4Gb / NVIDIA Geforce GT 1030 on a two-level XL-map ANKARIA-RESSURECTION – 1Vs4 with many graphic objects. At a resolution of 1920×1080, the display of the strategic map is not very fast. The performance is good at 1600×900 resolution in full screen mode. For this, when armies move on the strategic map, this maximum speed has been increased from 6 to 14.

Q: Are there any other problems?
A: Yes, the some antiviruses (in particular, NOD32) conflict with the mod. Add files h4mod.exe and c_e_mod.exe (c_e_mod_buka.exe) to the antivirus exceptions or disable the antivirus while playing.

Q: What about the 16:10 form factor?
A: Currently no work is underway.

Heroes 4 Equilibris HD mod v3.60 Changelog:

·    Fixed bug: If the external tavern was not hiring, but since the 8th day, you can buy two heroes for 2 days.
·    Fixed bug: If You enter any cheat code, and then load a clean saves, in finish a game would not be awarded the “Cheater” title.
·    To skill bonus “Estates” are added doubled bonuses of skill “Mining” from the appropriate level.
·    Instead of skill “Mining” introduced to the skill “Guide”. As a result of the skill gap decreases in speed on the strategic map among the fastest creatures army and all the rest. The degree of reduction of the gap depends on the skill level: 15% (“Basic”) – 30% (“Advanced”) – 45% (“Expert”) – 60% (“Master”) – 75% (“Grandmaster”) (also see the ‘Skill_Guide.pdf” file).
·    Implemented new bonuses for several advanced classes:
1     «Shadow Mage» – has «Skeletal» ability.
2     «Illusionist» – immunity to fire spells.
3     «Pyromancer» – immunity to cold.
4     «Seer» – 20% to the effect of the creation of illusion spells (old bonus class «Illusionist»).
5     «Bard» – ignoring line of sight.
6     «Prophet» – immunity spell, affecting to the eyes and mind.
7     «Battle Mage» – with attacks cast spell «Cowardice».
8     «Paladin» – bonus from the original class abilities («Death Ward») is halved.
9     «Guildmaster» – an opportunity to 3-fold reduce the resistance to magic enemy creatures and heroes .
10   «Beast Lord» – is renamed «Elemental Lord». Has abilities «Elemental» and receives 20% of the effectiveness of elemental magic call.
·    Heroes of class “Assassin” and “Crusader” can recast your bonus spell from remove of them the spell-antagonist.
·    Window separating armies (diplomacy, charm, raise) – second row not dies
·    In the dialog box of creatures being displayed in the battle his magic resistance
·    Description of Undead Transformer from the 4 level creatures changed
·    Fixed bug with conversion in Undead Transformer mega dragons into vampires. Now they turn to bone dragons
·    Enhance the experience of faerie dragons. Now they turn to bone dragons
·    Fixed bug: In Window mode, go to the screen of the some army and from the menu “Files” start a new game. To the selected stack shall place the artifact “Elven Chain Mail”
·    Fixed bug: In battlefield to the features squad window, when you hover over the icon, which shows the stock of arrows pops up the word “Magic Resistance Warrior”
·    Fixed bug: The ban of the building a Prison in the city property now works properly
·     Fixed bug: Incorrect display in the “Kingdom Overview” screen bonuses of Lords, peasants and heroes with resource artifacts, standing in City garrisons.
·    Games, which started in WOW or earlier  versions of “Equilibris”, are now marked in the High Scores table as “Not from Equi”.
·    Corrected description of Blacksmith range in all cities
·    Corrected message when visiting sites “Coliseum of Might” and “Coliseum of Magic”
·    Corrected the description of the landscape object “Shallow Water”
·    Corrected the description of the ability “Regeneration”
·    Corrected the description of the ability “Terror” from the Nightmares and Dark Champions
·    Increased the maximum speed of movement of armies on the adventure map.
·    French translation of the game is available.
·     HD-mod beta – 2019 (16:9): Three additional resolutions from widescreen monitors are available – 1366×768, 1600×900, 1920×1080 (Installation – copy the equi_hd_16_9.h4r file to the game \ data folder)
·    Added a new artifacts: “Boots of Levitation”, “Amulet of Pain”, “Helm of Disengagement”
·    Artifact “Bag of Gold” moved to the «Minor» category 
·    Artifact “Potion of Toughness” renamed to the “Potion of Hydra Health”
·    Artifact “Cube of Crystals” renamed to the “Crystal Figurine”
·    Corrected the description of the artifact “Valder’s Crossbow of Sloth” 
·    Corrected the description of the artifact “Amulet of Fear”
·    Corrected the description of the artifact “Harmonic Chainmail”
·    Corrected the description of the artifact “Cloak of Distraction”
·    Corrected the description of the artifact “Saint Ranan’s Staff” 
·    Corrected the description of the artifact “Ankh of Life”
·    Twinned ward (single and mass) “The Order-Chaos”, “The Nature-Death” (School of Life) and “The Life-Might” (School of Death). The effectiveness of dual Wards is reduced to 33%.
·    Spell «Dragon Strenth» – Duration reduced to 66%, the spell moved to the Level 4
·    Spell «Prayer» is valid for all friendly forces of Nature, Life, Order, and Might. Increases hits points and damage of units by 20%. It cancels and replaces the “Unholy song” spell. It cancel and replace the “Unholy song” spell.
·    Spell «Unholy Song» applies to the all enemy forces, exclude Death. Cancel and replace the “Prayer” spell on the enemy. Cancels and replaces the “Prayer” spell.
·    Spell «Vampiric Touch» – moved to to the Level 4
·    Spell «Raise Vampires» – moved to the Level 5. Increased efficiency – the hero level 20 raise 10 vampires (in the original version – 8 vampires)
·    Spell “Life Drain” operates on all, except the forces of Death Race, elementals and mechanics.
·    Spell “Visions” does not appear in the city magical towers by default.
·    Spells, banned of the map in campaign editor, now do not fall Hero in obtaining baseline magic school.
·    Complemented the description from Spell of Life: “Defender”, “Endurance”, “Guardian Angel”, “Sanctuary”
·    Complemented the description from Spell of Nature: “Summon Imp”, “Summon Cerberus”, “Summon Ice Demon”, “Summon Venom Spawn”, “Summon Devil”
·    Complemented the description from Spell of Order: “Magic Fist”, “Power Drain”, “Ice Bolt”, “Steal Enchantment”, “Town Gate”, “Pain Mirror”, “Steal All Enchantments”
·    Complemented the description from Spell of Chaos: “Magic Mirror”, “Implosion”, “Disintegrate”, “Armageddon”
·     Complemented the description from Spell of Death: “Life Drain”, “Terror”, “Vampiric Touch”
New objects:
·    Decorative objects
·    Treasuries
·    Fallen heroes and warriors
·    Tavern to recruit characters fro certain castles
·    Walls and towers of various types
·    Creature dwellings  – “Dragon Rocks” and “Coast Grot”
·    Bridges form the decorative objects (ice, rocks)
·    Prison of heroes
·    Crossroads for bridges
·    Road signs
·    Quest items (including in the form of creatures)
·    Additional observation towers (“Shroud removers”) – is now may has owner. New object has the all properties of the object “Garrison”. The tower belongs to a player, only if it left in tower a garrison.
·     Markets resources – for each resource made a market that trades only this resource, but for the best prices (10-20% better than the Trading post).
Scripting system:
·    Fixed bug: In scripts “decrease morale” after loading saves used incorrect values of morality.
·    Fixed bug: In scripts “decrease luck” after loading saves used incorrect values of luck.
·    Fixed bug: In scripts “decrease dwelling population” after loading saves used incorrect values of population.
·    Correct output variables in text messages and objects that involve those posts
·    In the script “Increase the current movement” added input of negative values (new script parameter range is from -50 to +50). The script is renamed, the new name is “Change the current movement.”
·    The ability to create conditional constructions in the text 
In the beta version of the HD-mod, the following bugs are present:
·     With multiple changes of resolutions of different form factors during one game, it is possible the game crash when entering the Town screen.
·     When entering the Town screen, city objects with animation slightly “jump”.
·     Some of the new objects (treasures) are not balanced.
·    Mod installation system has been changed – original files heroes4.exe and campaign_editor.exe WOW versions are now included in the installer and are no longer needed separately.
·    New objects You are can see on the test map “test_equi_3.6.h4c”
·    File equi.aop updated to correctly display Equilibris objects from the map editor
·     Existing object palette from the editor (equi.aop) for an earlier Equilibris version now saved as equi.aop.old
·    Multiplayer: There is no time limit per move on the first game day.
·    Multiplayer: A time limit of 12 minutes has been entered. The time limit for the course of “30 minutes” is removed


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