Project Heroes Chronicles HD update v2.5.8 with Glory of War chapter

Project Chronicles HD is a mod for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete and Heroes Chronicles that brings all of the Chronicles chapters into one place! There is a new user interface which allows the player to select and launch whichever chapter they wish to play, including the fan made Glory of War chapter.

If you’ve been away from Heroes Chronicles for a while or just miss Tarnum, this is a great time to rekindle the friendship! This mod supports two languages: Polish and English, and they are selectable during installation.

Project Heroes Chronicles
All parts of Heroes Chronicles and Heroes 3 Complete (ideally GOG version) must be downloaded and installed before Project Heroes Chronicles installation. The easiest way is through the GOG Galaxy client. Only then download the modifications. It is not possible to start the installation without these components (Heroes Chronicles and Heroes 3 Complete).



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