fheroes2 v0.9.5 update with Monster Description window and AI improvement

fheroes2 team presenting 0.9.5 version of Free Heroes of Might and Magic II Resurrection project with many changes.

First of all, team added Monster Description information for every creature with special abilities. This change is extremely useful for newcomers and even for pro players who want to refresh their knowledge.

Secondly, they fixed a lot of issues being presented with object passabilities on the World Map. Sometimes players were unable to progress with certain maps due to aforementioned problems. Now the project has the same logic as in the original game. Besides this some logic with object interaction was fixed as well.

On top of this, a huge amount of work was given for AI improvement: now it can interact with more objects, it has better hero management and path planning. Overall AI is much smarter in comparison with previous releases so be ready to enjoy the challenge

A small but useful feature was added to the game: all scrollbars now support continuous scrolling while holding arrow buttons. Overall fheroes2 team managed to fix more than 70 bugs!

Heroes 2 Gold GOG version

Old AI 0.9.4 version. Improved AI 0.9.5 version.

Changelog version 0.9.5 (04 July 2021)

  • Add Monster Description for every creature with special abilitiess
  • Fix passability rules for all objects on World Map
  • Greatly improve AI behavior on World Map: object interaction, task planning and object value calculations
  • Fix multiple logical cases occured on World Map with object interaction
  • Add continuous scrolling of scrollbars
  • Over 70 bugs fixed since 0.9.4 release

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