fheroes2 update v0.9.10 with French, Polish and German language support

Free Heroes of Might and Magic II Resurrection (fheroes2) is not only a remake of the original Heroes 2 game for current platforms but it also includes modifications of the game interface so that players can use certain mechanics in the most comfortable and intuitive way.

After a difficult month of development fheroes2 team announce 0.9.10 version of the project! First of all, from now any version of the game includes minimum 4 languages to be chosen: English, French, German and Polish. These languages will appear even for a demo version of the game. Besides this based on a huge demand on community team will add Russian language as a start language. This is planned for the next release.

Heroes 2 Gold GOG version

Secondly, team made many small but important changes in many places across the game: fixing text position in many dialogs, battle grid rendering, showing heroes on mini map (very useful feature to know where your and your opponent’s heroes are) and ven added missing video playback in “The Price of Loyalty” campaign selection window.

Videos are playing for selected campaign.

Videos are playing for selected campaign.

fheroes2 update v0.9.10 changelog:

  • Add French, Polish and German language support for any version of the game
  • Improve AI logic handling spells in the battle and its inability to land on a beach
  • Fix the logic related to pathfinding and calculation of terrain penalty for heroes on map
  • Update Norwegian translation, add Italian translation and update translations for missing texts in the game
  • Fix multiple rendering issues with shadows for buttons, battle grid and various text positioning in many dialogs
  • Add V-sync option for SDL2 builds to avoid flickering issue present for some players
  • Over 60 bugs fixed since 0.9.9 release

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