Fheroes2: Resurrection update v1.0.4 – Widescreen resolutions are available

In v1.0.4 release the AI has powered up. The AI is now more picky about resource collection on the Adventure Map and this will depend on ths kingdom’s needs. AI heroes got their logic upgraded regarding several objects on the Adventure Map. Besides this, the AI heroes will tend to avoid unnecessary jumps back and forth using Dimension Door, and also heroes are smarter in terms of unblocking paths for other heroes.

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This release adds important changes for game resolutions. Widescreen resolutions are available so many players, especially on Android, will have a better experience playing the game. Moreover, the team expanded the logic for scaled resolutions.

Fheroes2 team added missing post-victory special effects as well as map ratings shown to players. This feature from the original game was missing until now. On top of this, we expanded map rating information so it is even better than in the original game.

The team fixed multiple issues with rendering and timings during battles. Now monsters do not freeze while certain spells are being applied and also no more small lags for certain actions. Moreover, we fixed several logical issues during battles such as castle towers not shooting if castle monsters are unable to move.

This release adds Polish and Russian languages support for the in-game virtual keyboard. This feature allows players not only to enter victory player name, but it also helps with completing some maps which require visiting the Sphinx object on the Adventure Map. This will be expanded to support more languages.

This release contains over fixed 40 bugs and many updates to translations to give the best experience to more players.

Thank you so much for your awesome support and we hope you will enjoy fheroes2!

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