fheroes2 project v0.9.4 update with The Price of Loyalty campaigns support

Past release had a basic support of The Succession Wars campaign which was good but not an ideal. In the past month fheroes2 team polished every aspect of the campaign, adding missing video scenes, fixing multiple discovered issues and even bugs encountered in the original game. But this is not everything, they added a full support of The Price of Loyalty campaigns! So now you could enjoy playing all 6 campaigns originally present in HoMM2.

Heroes 2 Gold GOG version (works only with this version)

The list of new features for this release includes an extended display of number of days in cursors, added shadow for magic book and showing double shadow for 2-hex monsters in the battle. You can easily plan your move without guessing where the creature will move at. Also if want to see how many creatures were in your army at the beginning of the battle or how powerful and useful your hero is you could open Hero Screen right from the battle!

At last but not at least, team added a fully optional installer on Windows making the game installation easy and intuitive. Unix users receive an updated script for installation as well. Please note that from this version the game will store all save files in a separate place: for Windows it’s user profile directory, for Unix it’s XGD directory.

As usual team fixed over 100 bugs, polishing AI, fixing many logical issues and UI defects.

Free Heroes 2 update version 0.9.4 (04 June 2021) changelog:

  • Add The Price of Loyalty campaigns support and polish The Succession Wars campaigns
  • Add extended number of days shown on cursors and 2-hex movement shadow for 2-hex monsters
  • Add ability to view Hero Screen during battle – Add an installer for Windows
  • Fix many issues with object interaction logic on World Map and AI behavior
  • Improved rendering performance up to 30%
  • Over 100 bugs fixed since 0.9.3 release
  • We recommend to use SDL2 version for latest OSes, while SDL1 is preferable for old systems.


  1. Mikael

    Damn Price of Loyalty 2nd scenario is HARD, AI is just impossible to beat in the fHeroes2 mod (Lots of Minotaurs on day 1!!! )! Anyone else?

    1. AndreiTzp

      Yeeep, me too. I thought I’ve had a perfect run, building right on time my army up to phoenixes and finding the warlock’s castle (yellow) on the beginning of the 3rd week. I’ve even managed to capture the main castle on the continent and block yellow’s main army on the island by putting another hero in the teleporter’s door – with some luck.
      And when I thought that is the moment I’ll have a chance by building a black dragon’s army (managed to gather around 10 dragons) one of the red’s Barbarian heroes came to my castle (warlocks castle) and wiped the floor with my dragons.


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