Fanstratics – Update #32 – Lamassu, Hero Leveling and the Ultimate Artifact

Fanstratics Troop: Lamassu

Exotic and mysterious, the Lamassu is a fierce beauty and ferocious combatant. Equipped with a two-handed long sword, she is a flying, lightning-imbued melee fighter. Gifted with an Energy siphoning Enchantment, the Lamassu can transfer Energy between herself and other Troop Divisions. This ability also gives her a greater Energy capacity, along with the added option to evenly disperse accumulated Energy to all Allied Troop Divisions.

Not much to say regarding this one. It was easy to conceptualize, and we breezed through the thumbnails, the rough, and the final render.

Fanstratics Question: How will the hero leveling work in FST? For example, in HOMM3, it only takes 3 levels to become an expert in any magic. In HOMM4, you need 15 levels for the same. At the same time, in HOMM3 it is not necessary to know the schools of magic in order to learn the corresponding spells, especially if there are artifacts, for example, a Tome of Earth Magic or Tome of Water Magic.

Hero leveling, and associated elements, will adhere closely to the HoMM3 method. After all, FST is a spiritual successor to HoMM3, and I want to keep it simple.

Fanstratics – Update #31 – Insidious Slime and is the game still in development?

HoMM3 Question: A small question regarding the development of HoMM3. Was there any specific reason why the message about the grail disappearing when the hero carrying it is defeated? The ultimate artifacts in HoMM2 have that message (and are also excluded from the loot gained by defeating a hero).

If I correctly recall, this mechanic was created in HoMM2 and carried over into HoMM3. Its goal was twofold.

First, was to prevent the ‘passing around’ of the Ultimate Artifact from one Hero to another.

Second, was to prevent an ‘abuse’. Specifically, the player would identify a CPU Hero digging for the Ultimate Artifact, then sit by and wait until the CPU Hero had found it. After it was discovered, the player would attack and defeat the CPU Hero, and take the Ultimate Artifact. To incentivize the player to dig, and be the first to find the Ultimate Artifact, the aforementioned mechanic was incorporated into the game.

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