Fanstratics – Update #21 – Zombie Gravedigger and Kickstarter campaign

Fanstratics Troop: Zombie Gravedigger

While many consider all Necrotic Troops to be battle fodder, some are more suitable for the role than others. Such a Troop is the Zombie. Armed with a gravedigger’s shovel, this Troop can inflict typical Damage, but it is the Zombie’s potential to spread contagious Disease which makes this Troop surprisingly dangerous. In addition to this attribute, a Zombie can ‘self-detonate’, and disperse Disease via a potentially far-reaching Undead Outbreak.

When Justin and I discussed this month’s Troop, I suggested the Zombie Gravedigger. Justin was hesitant. He thought zombies, as a concept, had become tired and stale. He’s not wrong. Over the past 20 years, it seems like everyone has tried to milk the zombie cash cow. I reassured him. I didn’t want something grim. I wanted something akin to the HoMM2 Zombie, which I found to be oddly amusing.

I know it’s becoming a cliché, but I really like seeing Justin tackle these common mythological stereotypes. Another gem.

Fanstratics – Update #21 – Elven Centaur, Art Mock-up and COVID update

Fanstratics Question: I really want to contribute what little I have into making the Fanstratics project a reality. Is there a way I could donate funds for the cause or should I wait for the Kickstarter to emerge?

Like a good number of gamers, I have been burned by overly optimistic Kickstarter projects, where the game never surfaces, and my cash disappears. I don’t want Fanstratics to be one ‘those’ projects. Only when I am confident the game… if funded… will deliver a finished product, will I ignite a crowd funding campaign. Until then, I would suggest keeping your powder dry. – Greg Fulton

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