ERA Gaming Build New Year update v1.36.035 (Wake of Gods)

Heroes 3 ERA Gaming build v1.36.035 contains the latest version of ERA v3.2.HD mod 5.2 RC19ERA Scrips v1.46, Unleashed Map Editor, Mixed Neutrals mod, XXL maps support, Game Enhancement mod, Tavern Videos, BattleQueue mod (for the mod to work, your game resolution must be at least 1076×630 pixels wide.) and more in one installation package!

ERA Gaming build
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

Only use with HD mod. Without HD, the minimap mod will draw with errors. Later, this problem will be resolved.

ERA Gaming Build v1.36.035 changelog (01. 01. 2021)

  • Updated ERA 3.2.0 libraries and Era Erm Framework mod scripts:
    • Full support for color tags and pictures when calculating dialog sizes and text line lengths.
    • Improved algorithm for line wrapping and text alignment in scrollable dialogs.
    • Fixed bug with corruption of text data in the last update.
      • Fixed bug with corruption of the FPU stack when calling SN: E functions that return the result in the form of floating point numbers (e1).
      • The game no longer crashes when specifying non-existent groups or frames of def-images in the markup.
      • Added support for selecting a group of def-images: {~> name.def: group_index: frame_index}
      • Added automatic cropping of def-images on output.
      • Added support for attributes for image tags. Pictures with the “block” attribute in the future will always be drawn from a new line with automatic reservation of vertical space and correct rendering piece by piece in scrollable dialogs.
      • Added support for aligning images vertically relative to the current line (for inline) or block borders (for block).
      • The “valign” attribute can take one of three values: top, middle or bottom. Default: middle.
      • Added support for flipping images horizontally in EML markup.
      • Added support for 32-bit text color. Saturated colors are used in the 32-bit modes of the HD mod.
      • Added optional support for alpha channel for texts. Color code format: 0xRRGGBBAA, where the last two characters are opacity from 0 (fully transparent) to FF (fully opaque), for example {~ FF00007F} – semi-transparent red.
      • Gradation support is implemented for the font shadow, 1 is completely opaque, 254 is almost completely transparent. Options for disabling shadows in font files and drawing automatic shadows.Other fixes.
  • Updated mod “Difficulty Mod” to version 1.031:
    • Registered new monsters from TUM 2.6, now there are 291 of them.
    • Option to increase stack size on map start works again.
    • Removed SN: D from the script Karmic battles – caused crashes in the game.
    • Enabling / disabling the Mixed Neutrals mod is now saved when restarting the map.
    • Minor changes for better translation.
  • Updated Game Enhancement Mod:
    • Some of the functionality has been moved to another mod.
    • Changed the key for the ability to massively skip moves during a battle with a blinded enemy – press the “Y” key to enter the defense with all units until the next enemy stack turns. Previously there was a key “F” but as it turned out she was already busy casting the spell of the Fairy Dragons.
    • Updated mod “16 2-way teleports
    • 10SSkills mod is not compatible with 6th_slot mod!
    • Updated mod XXL (disabled by default):
      • In addition to the standard set of sizes, the mod adds support for very large maps, but only when generating random maps:
        – H (180×180)
        – XH (216×216)
        – G (252×252)

        •  Updated HD-Mod to version 5.2 RC19:
          Bug of the original game: “graying” of the opponent’s city while waiting for a turn in a multiplayer game and a possible crash associated with this.
          Some minor fixes for Simultaneous Moves.
          Some fixes for system cursors.
          Minor changes and fixes.
          Fixed broken graphics modes in OpenGL by Verok.
          Some changes and fixes to the lobby server, online lobby.
          Updated mod “TavernVideosBIKv3HD” (to add this mod to the game, you need to download the full version of the assembly):
          Updated English localization (only for the English version of the assembly).

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