Heroes 5.5: Bug and Balance Fixes, Maps (RC14 Beta 6)

Heroes 5.5 Beta 5 release was a technically complicated one, so some bugs were almost unavoidable, but thanks to the community’s swift input and feedback we have been able to sort them out very quickly. Since a substantial amount of balance changes was also discussed and implemented forthe new larger standard battlefield size of 14×12, the new release is already named Beta 6.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 RC14 beta 6

All in all H5.5 team has 3 things to announce:

  1. The Beta 6 upload with fixes and balance improvements for larger battlefields. Download the mod and also the Manual was updated right away.
  2. The start of a H5.5 compatible maps database on discord, currently containing 19 maps with the intention to expand it over time. These maps are checked for bugs and compatibility issues with the mod. (If you don’t want a discord account, you can still move in as guest, grab what you need and leave)
  3. A makeover of our old package of reshade settings has been updated to work with the latest version and offers much better performance with Adaptive sharpening, MXAO and SMAA. (credits: ThGryphn)

Heroes 5.5 Beta 6 Balance fixes:

After release of Beta5b a lot of feedback was provided on the balance on new larger battlefields and some issues were overlooked and have been fixed in this version. The problem was that offensive creatures with 6,7 or 8 speed have become very similar, causing mostly the faster upgrades to become weaker compared to the slower one (that was buffed in another area).

Previously on small battlefields it worked like this:

  • 8 speed = reaches other side
  • 7 speed = reaches other side with perk
  • 6 speed = reaches other side with 2 perks (hard)

In Beta 5b with large battlefields it became:

6-7-8 speed = can’t reach other side and 8 only with 2 perks

So if each faction would have one of the 8 speed creatures get 9 speed and some of the 7 speed get 8, there would be more meaningful differentiation again as in:

9 speed = reaches other side with one perk
8 speed = reaches other side with 2 perks
7 speed = can’t reach other side

10 speed isn’t used as we prefer to improve on the tactical preparation elements of the battle, compared to small battlefields.

So this is done in Beta 6:

-+1 speed to all following tiers: Haven T6,T7 + Inferno T5,T7 + Necro T7 + Fortress T6 +
Dungeon T4 + Stronghold T6 + Academy T5 + Sylvan T5
-added some minor buffs to primary skills of T7 upgraded for Stronghold, Sylvan & Dungeon since they started to lag behind after all bonuses to other T7
-added +2HP to Sylvan T2 (sylvan didn’t get much buffs compared to other factions)
-added +2HP Inferno T3 (suffered from larger battlefields)
-made some minor adjustments to most unupgraded T7 and some unupgraded T6 to make sure they are not too strong/weak compared to the upgrades (logical stats)

Full changelog here.

Here are some screenshots 1st before and 2nd after Reshade:

before reshade

after reshade


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