ERA 3 Launcher Edition Update v2.72

ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (WoG/ERA), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP). This launcher replaces ERA Gaming build.

ERA 3 Launcher
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)
How to install ERA 3 mods

ERA 3 Launcher Edition Update v2.72 Changelog:

[+] Updated ERA core to version 3.93+ – thanks to Berserker;
[+] Updated HD mod to version 5.4 R7 – thanks to Baratorch;

[+] Updated EEF mod – new features added:
– !?FU(Array_CountValue); Returns number of array items, equal to specified value.
– !?FU(Array_IndexOf); Returns index of the first array item with specified value or -1 in case of failure.
– !?FU(Array_Find); Returns index of the first array item, for which custom callback function returns (TRUE) or -1 in case of failure.

[+] “Wog Graphic Fix Lite” updated to version 2.10.1 – thanks to Grossmaster;

[+] Reorganized options in the WoG menu – thanks to Archer30:
– the following options have been removed from the menu and are forced on:
– “Enhanced dwelling hint text”;
– “Display hero Movement Points remaining”;
– “Display hero Spell Points remaining “;
– “Buy All Creatures button”;
– “Towns may be renamed”;
– “Heroes may be renamed”;
– “Display hidden skills”;
– “Script Message Disabling”;
– “Warlord’s Banner Quick-select options”;
– “Hero and Town List Reordering”;

[+] Completely rewritten script “Living Scrolls”:
– no more bug with phantom spell troop;
– spells now do not ignore creature immunities;
– there are a lot of useful functions for moders inside
– notification messages have been removed (the text is now in the battle log);

[+] Completely rewritten script “Artillery”:
– now the shot occurs right in the battle;
– Added multiplayer support;
– notification messages have been removed (the text is now in the battle log);

[+] Updated and improved “Living Skull” script – thanks to Archer30:
– Fixed compatibility with TUM, now TUM artifacts are fully supported;
– Now it is possible to find an artifact and spell scroll by entering its ID;
– Improved behavior of some interactions;

[+] AI now resurrects “Henchman” together with the commander – thanks to Archer30;
[+] “Random hero” now gets a Henchman from his army – thanks to Archer30;
[+] The option “Misfortune” has been rewritten – the work of the script has been optimized;
[+] “Sorcery Enhancement” now displays the university’s native dialog on RMB
[+] The logic of the “Diplomat’s Ring” script has been rewritten – thanks to Archer30;
[+] “Bank” – improved some interactions and general style of dialogs – thanks to Archer30;
[+] “Most Spell Scrolls are Replaced” option is replaced by “Level 1 and 2 Spell Scrolls are Replaced” – thanks to Archer30;
[+] “Artifact Boost” – now when you right-click on an artifact with free creatures on Monday, the full description of the artifact will be displayed instead of the name – thanks to Archer30;

[#] “Markert of Time” – fixed bug with movement points when visiting – thanks to Timesink;
[#] “Devil Sacrificing”: Fixed a bug due to which the Hell Baron could not use this ability – thanks to Archer30, Dalion;
[#] “Obelisk runes”: Fixed an issue that could have the map stuck before entering – thanks to Archer30;
[#] Fixed random generator in “bandit ambush” option – thanks to Archer30;
[#] Fixed a crash on the AI ​​turn with the option “Sorcery Enhancement”;
[#] Fixed a script logic error in the “Hardcore Heroes” option;
[#] Option “Capture of Mills and Gardens” – fixed resource in the mill for gold;
[#] Fixed disabling of extra options with the “bank of Leprechauns”;
[#] Fixed non-working Sacrificial Altar – thanks to Archer30;
[#] Fixed non-working Henchman experience – thanks to Archer30;
[#] Fixed placing War Machines in a backpack with the option “Capture War Machines”;
[#] Fixed bugs in the behavior of the “Eagle Eye II” option, now the script should work as intended – thanks to Archer30;
[#] Fixed a bug with the impossibility of getting artifacts from “starting heroes from level 5” and “getting an artifact for each level” – thanks to Archer30;

[-] Disabled Tower experience in multiplayer due to desynchronization – thanks to Archer30;


  1. Sim

    There are a few bugs:
    – rename heroes is still active (and can’t be disabled)
    – inspector achievement (i think) from era scripts ranks up for every captured mine instead of every other captured mine.
    – needs better compatibility with mithril smelter script.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Thanks, I’ll send the author to take a look.

      1. Sim

        Thanks. Better yet you coud implement the mithril smelter mod as an option in the core game.

        1. Archer30

          Hi! Thanks for the report. The Inspector achievement issue has been fixed and would be pushed to the launcher updater soon.

          About Hero renaming, we actually decided to make it enabled by default. This leaves more space in the wog menu. Is there anything that makes you want to disable it?

          1. Sim

            Yes, I have Usain Bolt mod that does something when clicking the hero name and it interferes with hero renaming.

            Also any update on implementing Mithril smelter mod?

            And this is more of a request but The medicine script used to give 5% health per level instead of 1/2/3. Any chance you could make this change because it made much more sense to be a percent bonus.


  2. tiberazure

    Is there a guide to how to install the launcher, i have regular Era 3 installed. So what do i need to do in order to install the launcher? Or do i even need it.
    Do i have to install it into my era / homm3 folder?
    No information available at all.
    Could use some answers thx.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)
      1. tiberazure

        So you install it in a seperate folder from where i installed homm3 and era already? That was the only part which was confusing.

        1. Liso1 (Post author)

          Hi, I have prepared a new updated guide, see the video:

          (there is no need for a separate installation of H3 or ERA, the installer prepares everything himself)

          1. tiberazure

            Thx a lot 🙂


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