ERA 3 Launcher Edition Update v2.39 with Spell Research mechanic

Spell research mechanic has been introduced, allowing for replacement of spells in your Mage Guild at a cost.

  • It’s now possible to carry out research in the Mage Guild screen, replacing spells in the slots.
  • The cost is (2*spell level) of mercury, sulfur, crystals, gems, and 1000 gold.
  • Research is limited to one per day, per town (doesn’t prevent construction).
  • The research removes the old spell from the slot and offers a choice of two random new spells (one new spell at level 5, no choice). It’s possible to do further research in the same spell slot, but the heroes won’t be able to learn the spell until the research is finalized. New spells will be generated according to the base certainty value by town type. Old spells (that ones that were in town or were not chosen after research) won’t be generated again before every potential new one is cycled through.
  • You may finalize the research at any point. From that point your heroes will be able to learn the spell you selected, but the spell slot will become permanent.
ERA 3 Launcher
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ERA 3 Launcher Edition changelog v2.39 (11.07.2021):

[+] The plugin “Wog Native Dialogs.era” has been updated, interaction with the window for saving/loading WoG options settings has been improved – thanks to igrik;
[+] TrainerX mod updated – thanks to Archer30:
– added commander animation;
– added original icons for changing skills;
– updated graphics and reworked interaction with some elements in the hero’s dialogue;
# Fixed a crash when opening the commander’s dialogue;

[+] Spell research – added a check for spells forbidden through the map editor for each town – thanks to igrik;
[+] In the Mage Guild added a research guide and the ability to see the spells that you can get while researching;
[+] “Smalres.def” graphics updated – thanks to DrD_AVEL;

[#] Fixed crash when starting the game with the Third Upgrades Mod and WoG-options “Enhanced Monsters”;
[#] Fixed bonus accrual of resources at the start of the game;
[#] Small but important fixes;

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