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George Seryapov is a talented illustrator who plans to create a design studio for flat miniatures in Moscow called FlatForce Miniatures. His passion for flat miniatures started a few years ago, with a paper minis collection he created for his daughter. Since then, hundreds of lovely illustrations were born on his drawing tablet, miniatures that you can now find in the WoFun Minis – George Seryapov Signature Collections.

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Heroes Glory Full pack – WoFun board games

All the characters are illustrated on both faces; the characters illustrated from the front perspective have a different back illustration showing the back view of the character. Most of the figurines are printed on one piece of Plexiglass; some of the characters need to be assembled (dragoons wings, horses and riders, so on). The assembly process does not need glue; the slots are precut following the thickness of the inserted material.

The Fantasy World Full Pack contains 26 sprues of Plexiglass, on which you can find 359 figurines designed at a 28 mm scale.

Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Board Game

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