Advanced Classes Mod v1.0 (ERA 2)

Advanced Classes Mod provides a new class and skill system for Heroes 3. Now it is possible to play three very distinct classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Authors: Perry R, AlfWithCake and anti-victor.

Advanced Classes mod
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Main features of Advanced Classes mod:

  • New Master and Grandmaster level for every Secondary Skill
  • Greatly improve the usefulness of weaker skills
  • 3 main Hero classes (Warrior, Mage and Adventurer)
  • 3 completely new hybrid classes (Battlemage, Hunter and Druid)
  • New unique abilities for every class at the highest level
  • Reworked nearly all Hero specializations, including creature, spell and adventurer specialists
  • Reworked Primary and Secondary skill point chance at level up for each class
  • Completely reworked the Magic-System, now all spells scale with Spell Power and much more
  • New Master and Grandmaster level for every combat spell, with new effects and powers
  • Reworked Commander abilities, they are now much more combat active
  • Most artifacts are improved and are part of a set with interesting bonuses
  • Added 3 new secret class sets
  • New settings for increased difficulty of Neutral Units and computer players (AI)
  • Good compatibility with WoG options

Important Informations!

Inside the Mod folder you can find help files which will explain most changes and things you might want to know.
Rightclick on Hero Portrait in heroscreen will show you important informations about your current class points. Use this often!
Rightclick on Attack/Defense/SpellPower/Knowledge icon will show you information about the new classes. Also use ALT+Leftclick!
RMB on Spellbook – Shows the current power of your spells
We highly recommend to use 32 bit (strechable), do not use 32 bit true, otherwise all colors will not work as intendet, depending on your resolution set. So choose a standardt resolution.
If you press F12 ingame. Save and Reload game to restore propper skill/artifact descriptions.

How to play this mod?

Just play a normal Heroes 3 game but it is recommended to decide early on which class your hero should reach. If you play the standard 8 secondary skill game, you need 35 points to reach Master Class and 57 points for Grandmaster, but you can always check.

Each Master skill gives 2 class points! Master and Grandmaster skills can only be learned if you are M/GM in that class. To do this check your class points often and calculate how many points you get from secondary skills to reach a certain class. Check your progression/class points after every hero level up. Please check the Readme about AI difficulty before game start. It is not recommended to play on highest difficulty.

Advanced Classes Mod beta preview


  1. Aschrakor

    Pls fix it that Caster classes get Dimensions Door, Fly and Waterwalk. Banned it many times in WoG(Era3) but every Game the enemys have it. And if i active that Option from Class-Mod that AI can’t use Dimensions Door only fly for less lags it doesn’t work. They still use Dimensions Door.

  2. Perry

    I tested the option to ban DD several times with scrolls, books and Mage Guild, it worked every time. Also, the mod does not give free spells to caster class and it does not interfere with banned spells in any way.

    If you want post me your mod list and your save game here with Dropmefiles and I will take a look.


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