Town Demolition – Option 004 (WoG / ERA 3)

To destroy a building in a town, it is necessary to right-click on the building you wish to destroy. You must have a visiting hero present at a town in order to destroy buildings there; a garrisoned hero cannot destroy anything.

Buildings cannot be destroyed in just any order, but must follow priorities and dependence. If all conditions for destruction of the given building in the given town are met, the building can be destroyed and a window will appear asking if you wish to destroy it.

If the destroyed building is a creature dwelling, it is checked to see if it has inhabitants. If the dwelling is not empty, a choice is offered to the player: pay the monsters to abandon the dwelling or fight them.

If you attempt to destroy a Grail building, you’re given an opportunity to dismantle it instead. Since it’s a valuable structure, it costs 10000 gold to dismantle it — this is much more expensive than simply destroying it. If you pay this amount, the Grail will be dismantled and will appear in the hero’s backpack. If you have no free space in a backpack, you will not be able to dismantle the Grail.

To completely destroy a town, it isn’t necessary to destroy all the structures. It’s enough to destroy the ones of key importance until finally reaching and destroying the Town Hall. Once the Town Hall has been destroyed, the remaining inhabitants abandon the town.

After destruction of the Town Hall, ghosts will appear in an ex-blacksmith’s. However, they are too happy to be a live (dead?) and will not pay any attention to you. Thus, the town becomes absolutely empty. When your hero leaves the town, he will receive an appropriate message. If you leave wish you can leave the town under the protection of monsters or a hero by leaving them in the garrison, but be cautious.

As soon as your hero leaves the town, he cannot enter again; the gates are locked and any guards left are controlled by the ghosts.

For the next 6 days, the town is completely closed to entry by all heroes. It ceases to belong to you and becomes neutral. After 6 days have passed, you can return to the town. If you have left guards you will have to enter combat and win against them before you can take over the town again.

So what happened during those 6 days? The ghosts enjoyed their freedom in the town but now they are bored and ready to go anywhere rather than fly around in the dead “ghost” town any longer.

The ghosts do not like to remain in the town, therefore they can only be hired into a visiting hero’s army (bottom slot) and not i nto the garrison. Until all ghosts will not be hired, the town will remain deserted and will again become neutral as soon as the hero in it leaves.

Again, you can leave guards at this point if you wish but if you later return you will have to fight them to regain control.

After hiring all ghosts, the hero can try to restore the town. For this purpose it is required to right-click on the ex-smithy as the new city inhabitants do not want haunted ghost houses in their town. The standard check for a hero with high enough experience and a strong enough army is made at this time as well.

If he passes this check and if he’s a hero native to this town type, he can only restore the town to its original type. However, if the hero is from another town, he can choose between the town’s old type (before destruction) or his own native town type.

After destruction of the ex-blacksmith, at last, the city is restored. If the type of city is changed, a change of a landscape must be made but this takes some time, therefore the new local residents promise to finish it for when you next visit (enter the town).

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