Might & Magic: Myth

Might & Magic: Myth – this is a modification based on the Might & Magic universe, developed on the game engine of the game Myth II: Soulblighter from the studio Bungie. The main feature of the modification is the port of resources from role-playing and strategy games of the series Might & Magic.

Might & Magic: Myth

The modification contains both a single player campaign and multiplayer:

  • Single player campaign consists of 4 levels (+ training);
  • Multiplayer consists of 3 maps: 2 maps recreated from scratch from Bungie and one from a group of cartographers;
  • In total, there are 23 new combat units in the modification;
  • More than 10 spells and artifacts that your units can use;
  • Great soundtrack by Paul Romero and Rob King, both from Heroes of Might & Magic III and Might & Magic VI and Might & Magic VII;
  • Destruction: trees, plants, bushes, grass. The player will be able to really smash everything that is on the level (well, almost).

All stories in the presented campaigns do not depend in any way on the main plots of all games in the Might & Magic universe. The modification features different stories written by the modification developers themselves.


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