Third Upgrades mod v2.8.6 with Mysterious Cave

What does Third Upgrades mod v2.8.6 contain?  [+] 105 New Creatures. [+] 88 New Artifacts. [+] Various decorative objects that are generated in RMG. [+] 28 new Dwellings. [+] 33 new Creature Banks. [+] New adventure objects.

Third Upgrade Mod
works with ERA Gaming Build

Mysterious Cave has been added to the Third Upgrades mod in version 2.8.5. Events change every week. You can locate Mysterius Caves by pressing F2 key.

Third Upgrades mod changelog:

-Critical Bug about Warehouses was fixed.
-Soul Eater commander casts was Fixed.
-Fixed name of the some creatures.
-Reclassified combos artifacts, they will no longer appear on the map or in rewards.
-Most CBs can now be revisited, most in 14 days, others in 28 days.
-Fixed Diamond Dragon/Darkness Dragon has no spell resistance.
-The unnecessary double attack of Stack Experience on Seraphs has now been changed to “No retaliation”.
-Windmill was be removed from the replacement list of warehouse.
-Fixed damage on Dryads.
-Orb of Chaos and Compendium of the Magic had a rebalance.
-Ultimate Dragon Utopia was Balanced.
-Small balance in the rebirth of Divine Phoenix.
-Primal Faerie Dragon now has Expert “Magic Mirror “and Basic “Anti Magic”.
-Mod priority increased by +2.
-Optimized the magic damage of Primal Faerie Dragon.
-Optimized all my creature banks for battle replay.
-Dragon Treasury has been replaced by Dragon City.
-One new compound dwelling: Black Tower (it’s not manageable in Map Editor due to a limitation in its object naming)
-Add new soundtracks in the mod.
-NEW!: Added Mysterious Cave. (It’s a cave with the events of the mod “Adventure Pillars”).
-3 new artifacts now have effects and are now available in the game.
-Fixed crash when ghosts appear in death chamber.
-Fixed Troll Hag and Troll Witch don’t shoot correctly in animation.
-The crash caused by right clicking on an empty slot in the backpack has been fixed.
-Fixed backpack button in wrong position.
-Changed the object replacement of some CBs for better passability.
-Redesigned Forbidden Cliffs (Old design was very unsightly).
-Removed automatic enablement of “New Artifacts” script.


  1. G Grant

    I have run into a bug where the long range troops will lose the ability to shoot, and other non shooting troops will show Shots = 0.
    This is on the latest version of Heroes 3.5 gaming build, with the latest Advanced Classes Mod and latest Third Upgrade Mod.
    This has happened on previous versions with these mods also.
    It happens during online multiplayer games when a computer player attacks and kills any of my player heros. Immediately after that, the ranged abilities of all my shooting troops is gone, and some of the non ranged troops will show 0 shots, and none of them can shoot.
    The other player’s troops will still be normal, possibly because they have not been attacked yet by a computer player. I haven’t played it out yet to see if the same thing happens when the other player loses a hero to a computer.
    Each time I’ve seen this, I had third level upgraded troops, happening with different towns.
    I hope that explains it well enough.
    Thanks for the outstanding work on this awesome game.
    Is the Heroes theme the Russian National Anthem, much like the StarCraft Terran theme is the Korean National Anthem?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Grant, this looks like a more complex problem, but it’s not recommended to have a script “Troop stacks gain experience” enabled when playing online, especially with AC mod.

      Try playing without this modification to see if the problem recurs.

  2. Snow

    I played Shadow of Death campaigns with Third Upgrades Mode v2.8.7 but the heroes’ experiences, skills and levels are not carried over to the next scenario. The heroes are reset to level 1 with default skills at the beginning of each new scenario.

    I dont use any other mods, except some default ones like WoG Animated, ERA scripts ENG, and WoG Scripts.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Snow, the worst thing you can do is play campaigns in the WoG/ERA environment 🙂

      And this is the result. Campaigns are specific, and all possible scripts can spoil them. Try Safe Sod modification:

      1. Snow

        Thanks Liso1,

        I just want to re-live the old days with the stories in the campaign with new perspective ^_^.


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