Third Upgrades Mod update v2.15 with Level 2 dwelling banks, new creatures and fixes

Third Upgrades Mod version 2.15.0 has been released with updated mod manual, new creatures, dwellings banks and more.


  • Added level 2 of “Dwelling Banks”. (9 New Creature Banks)
  • 3 new creatures with upgrades and dwellings.
  • Updated Amethyst: Possibly fixed crash on cast Resurrection/Animate Dead, fixed Air Immunity by Majaczek, better support for Phoenix Rebirth feature and more.
  • Fixed Chasm Dragon wasn’t a living creature.
  • Fixed Blood Dragon graphic on map.
  • Fixed “Order of Fire” CB replacer object position.
  • Fixed Sacred Elf crash by shooting and Its stack experience abilities has been improved.
  • Updated Manual.
  • Updated Emerald: Prima.dll now supports spellpower autosummon of artifacts.
  • Updated more_anims.era.
  • Updated Dwelling Banks: Creature accumulation is now recalibrated and balanced as it should.
  • Removed “Maiko’s hotkey to victory.erm” from mod.
  • SaveDecoration.dll is disabled by default.
Third Upgrade Mod
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

*As of this changelog, all these changes and fixes were thanks to Archer30;

  • Now new pandora will only replace the old ones if “Replace Objects During WoGification” is enabled.
  • Added an option for Dwelling Banks from the first page of WoG Options.
  • Disabled Artic/Lava Sharpshooter’s ability to cast.
  • Completely rewrote Horn of the Abyss artifact, now it should work the same as in HotA.
  • Export strings from Third Upgrade Mod.erm and Kongsuni Artifact.erm to json.
  • Fixed Gelu and Dracon not being able to use their specs in town.
  • Fixed not being able to upgrade Cavaliers to Archer Riders with Crossbow
  • Fixed several frames of Winged Magog.
  • Fixed the faction of Dire Werewolf when Mixed Neutral option is enabled.
  • Fixed Mysterious Cave Scourge event message popping up unintentionally.
  • Fixed Lightning Immunity of Thunder Warrior.
  • Fixed the compatibility with several WoG Scripts.
  • Fixed ERM bug with replacement scripts on Wogification by Perry R.
  • Fixed a random event from Mysterious Cave that could give speed to warmachines.
  • Fixed Lizard Warriors having double strike instead of no retaliation.



  1. G Grant

    The game crashes when a neutral stack has a random hero and it’s the computer’s turn to move. This has been happening for a few updates now.
    A clean install doesn’t help, happens in single and multiplayer games.

    Heroes 3 Launcher v2.54, Third upgrade mod v2.15.0

  2. Secondall

    Try to disable Neutral Heroes


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