The Symphony of Heroes (26. october 2018)


We love games and we love good music. Our team at has been combining these two passions for more than a decade by writing about the music of video games, releasing game music albums on vinyl, and… producing game music concerts. When we organize such performances, we want to take them to the next level. The quality of sound is what really matters to us. We use no electronic amplification thus perfect acoustics became our priority. Having gathered years of experience, we finally grew up to create something bigger. A truly unique event. We invite you to beautiful city of Wroclaw in Poland to our first Game Music Festival.

Game Music Festival will take place on the 26th and 27th of October 2018. The venue is the prestigious National Forum of Music. This event will be much more than a typical music festival. Our aim is to create a space in which you will not only listen to wonderful music played live but also meet the composers of famous soundtracks, participate in workshops, prelections, and panel discussions. You will meet some game industry professionals as well as thousands of fans of this amazing form of art which the music of video games have become.

More details will be revealed soon. Stay tuned and be sure to book this slot in your calendar. Visit the official website for tickets and further information about the event!


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