Competition : Creation of map for Heroes 3 in cooperation with GOG.COM

Once again, after the last year, I managed to organize a competition and win awesome games from our sponsor GOG.COM plus one game as a surprise, just like last year. This time the competition will be a little bit more complex, as your task will be to create a map for Heroes 3. All maps sent into competition, are going to be free to download on our page.

Conditions for creating a map are simple, it has to be a size S (36×36), without underground and in the format of Heroes 3 Complete or Horn of the Abyss, description and name of the map in English. Only original creation, plagiarising a map and representing it as your own = ban! I suppose that most of you already possess a copy of Heroes 3, Horn of the Abyss is free to download here on the page. If there are some unclarities, please write them down in the comments.

SK/CZ popis súťaže nájdete na tejto stránke.


You can use new map objects, that Horn of the Abyss offers.

Prices in competition from GOG.COM:

Conditions of map:

  • Size : S (36×36), without underground
  • Format : Horn of the Abyss, or Heroes 3 Complete
  • Language : English
  • No further restrictions
  • Accepted is only your own creation
  • Send maps to:

Time limit of the competition :

  • The competition ends on 31st of May 2018 at 12:00 AM.

Who wins?

  • First place is chosen directly by me, I will be very strict in my judgement
  • Other prices will be chosen by a voting poll on Facebook

How should the map look like?

You don lay boundaries to fantasy, it doesn´t matter if there will be 8 towns or 1 town, if the map will have water in it, Horn of the Abyss offers a variety of new objects, you can use on the map. For inspiration, you can look at the map Carpe Juglum from Horn of the Abyss. You have enough time for creation of your map, so no need to rush things.


Carpe Juglum – Horn of the Abyss map.


  1. bobek

    when results? where I can see and download these maps?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Bob, today will be the evaluation of the competition. You can still vote for your favorite map:


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