Ruins Town v1.2.2 update (VCMI)


Nová verzia Ruins Town prináša jednu zásadnú zmenu. Každý jeden hrdina má na bojisku svoju vlastnú postavu, takže ako vyzerá na portréte, tak takú postavu uvidíte aj na bojisku sediacu na koni! Obrovský pokrok vo svete Heroes III.

Modifikácia Ruins Town je dostupné len pre VCMI daily builds, nebude fungovať s aktuálnou verziou 0.99. Mod works only with VCMI daily builds.

Ruins Town v1.2.2
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VCMI Daily builds

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Ruins Town Changelog

v0.95 from 2018/05/15
> New Pygmy model added!
> Reworked creatures line to fits long goal project
— Removed Spider
— Switched Sorceress to level 5 creature
— Switched Stag to level 4 creature
— Added a temporary creature as level 2; waiting for concept
> Removed all map dwellings until 1.0 version
> Heroes:
— Removed Eonar & Therid
— Two new heroes added as final versions: Teutates & Bellona

0.95 to 0.96
> New Stalker model added!
> Reworked attributes on lvl1 & level2 creatures
> Heroes:
— Starting now heroes going for a revision, just some ones are stablished already
— A new hero added as final version: Nodens

0.96 to 0.97
> New Kelpie model added!
> New Cockatrice model added! (no animation yet)
> New Peryton model added! (no animation yet)
> Living Stones model reworked!
> New town screen
— First version all 3d modeled
> Rework on some heroes, and new stablished
> New model to Hermit Female hero on map & Battle – Thanks to Nephretes

0.97 to 0.98
> New town screen (beta version)
> Creatures reworked
— Cockatrice animations added!
— Peryton animations added!
— Portraits redone
— All attributes and abilities reworked
— Sorceress renamed to Witch
— Hunter renamed to Tracker
> New heroes stablished
— 12 already confirmed

0.98 to 0.98.1
— Creatures attributes and abilities reworked

0.98.1 to 0.99
> Townscreen
— Improved shadows and buildings
— Non-upgraded & upgraded versions working
> Heroes
— Stablished 16 heroes
> Some UI graphics reworked
> Map dwellings
— First version released (Need some graphical rework yet)
> Adventure map Town

0.99 to 1.0a
> Creatures
– New lvl7 model added!
– Lvl7 name change
– Pygmy weapon added
– All creatures re-rendered battle & adventure
– Creatures portraits reworked
> Town
– Fixed some minor bugs on town
> Heroes
– All portraits reworked
– 2 more heroes added to stablished

1.0a to 1.0b
> some townscreen minor fixes
> creatures graphics upgraded

1.0b to 1.1
> Heroes
– Added custom battle sprites for each hero
– All Portraits rework
– All Biography added
– All Abilities and specialty reworked
> Creatures
– Kelpie sprites & animations reworked
– Cockatrice abilities reworked
– Kelpie abilities reworked
– Peryton abilities reworked
– Attributes reworked
> Lineup
– Kelpie changed from lvl4 to lvl6
– Witch changed from lvl5 to lvl4
– Peryton changed from lvl6 to lvl5

1.1 to 1.2
> Creatures
– Witch model & animations reworked

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