Palace faction – brand new sand town for VCMI v1.2

If you’re looking for a brand new town / faction you’ve never seen before, try Palace. It was created by Julia Marklund and sent to me to try.

Of course, the main screen of the town still needs to be graphically fine-tuned, but the theme of the whole town is great! The units are also very well chosen, especially the shooting golden golem. Among the heroes, you will also find completely new specializations.

Palace town
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)
VCMI Discord Channel


  1. Andrey


  2. LOL

    Good effort and an interesting idea for a town, but it frankly looks horrible, especially the town screen.

    But with all these mods – VCMI, ERA, I got confused which one is more viable. I tried the ERA for WoG, but it seems to me they changed it too much, like the main menu picture, music, what they’re doing in-game, I didn’t even get to see as I uninstalled it.

    I ended up installing the old WoG 3.58, which seems much better to me.


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