Master of Magic – Introducing the new Roadmap 2023

Firstly, we will work on improving the game’s management of memory for assets. This means that the more assets you, or the modders add to the game, the more efficient the game will become at handling them.

The Steam Workshop feature, allowing you to easily share and download mods, making it even easier to customise your game is something we also want to implement soon.

Where to buy:
Master of Magic on GOG.COM (or STEAM)
or try Master of Magic Classic

Next up, we will look at the Quick Load and Quick Save function to the game, which will greatly improve your ability to save and load your game progress quickly and efficiently.

Addressing the city spam issue that some of our community have spoken about, we hope to add a new settings configuration mode that increases the distance between cities in the game, reducing the frequency of spam in the city.

Lastly, we hope to add a new Favourites feature to the spellbook and, allowing you to quickly and easily access your most frequently used spells.

Stay tuned! – MuHa Games

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