Opening Intro – Heroes III Armageddon’s Blade (this intro is missing in Complete edition)

This intro is not part of the complete edition. Did you notice a sci-fi element on it?

Interview about Armageddon’s Blade intro:

XEL: The intro cinematic for Armageddon’s Blade is apparently a remnant of the original version of the story with the Forge, or at least inspired by it. The most notable difference is that the Blade is found rather that Forge. Can you tell us more about the intro’s conception and inclusion?

Greg Fulton: Originally, the intro cinematic was a teaser trailer made specifically for E3, with the intention to eventually use it for the final game. At the end of the cinematic, instead of finding Armageddon’s Blade, there was supposed to be something akin to high tech ‘Predator vision’ scanning Gelu, Roland, and Catherine. This implication was to set the stage for the Forge as a sci-fi town. After the Forge was cancelled, Armageddon’s Blade was inserted as the replacement.

Interview with Greg Fulton about Angels, Gelu and Heavenly Forge

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