New Upgrades Mod [Amethyst Edition] for ERA 3 update v2.12.0 (Third Upgrades mod, 10 new creatures)

*New feature:

  • Added two new wog options to the 2nd page: Eighth Monster and Fourth Upgrades in Towns. (Thanks to Archer)
  • Now all the TUM creature banks will replace objects only when wog option “Replace Objects During WoGification” is enabeld.
  • TUM now requires wog option to work with all the features.
  • Now you can upgrade 8th monsters if the third upgrade building have been built.
  • Added 10 new creatures.
  • Added 5 new dwellings.
  • Added Ring of Oblivion, Plate of Dying Light, Charm of Eclipse and Seal of Sunset artifacts in map editor (no effect at the moment).

New Upgrades Mod [Amethyst Edition] for ERA 3
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM


  • Updated HD_WOG.DLL, fixed HD mod lobby compatibility (Thanks to Majaczek).
  • Fixed an variable not correclty displayed on Pandora Box. (Thanks to Archer).
  • Fixed incorrect eighth monsters growth for AI.
  • Fixed occasional erm error at the start of a map.
  • Fixed some objects not generating in random maps, including: Mysterious Cave, Warehouses, CBs of Emissaries, Coral Reef.
  • Fixed pasability on Sacred Temple.
  • Fixed a crash with Astral Spirit casting.
  • Fixed pasability of Volcanic Well.
  • Fixed Treehouse dwelling which had a 100% chance to appear.
  • Fixed Elder Ogre description.
  • Fixed description of Land Mine.
  • Fixed Illithid/Alhoon can’t cast Hypnotize (Unfortunately AI can’t do it by itself).
  • Fixed position of Crossbowman in adventure map.
  • Fixed Churchyard, now has all 6 stacks of 15 zombies.
  • Fixed The Sun Emperor Chainmail description.


  • Improved Outpost of Souls, now the artifact reward will be random art with the same level if emerald plugin is disabled.
  • Resized Dreadnought Tower and with better pasability.
  • Now Rotten Dragons Valley gives you Shadow Dragon as a reward instead of Necross Dragons.
  • Now Centaur general have Jousting bonus.
  • Removed “Act First” from Black Minotaur.
  • Improved portrait of Diamond Dragon.
  • Improved Pure Diamond Dragon graphics.
  • Balanced War Zealot.
  • Balanced Centagnoll.
  • Centagnoll is replaced by Gnoll Shaman as Third Upgrade which can cast curse (Unfortunately AI can’t do it by itself).
  • Mummy is replaced by Ghoul as Third Upgrade, Mommies are neutrals again.
  • War Zealot is replaced by High Priest as Third Upgrade, War Zealot are neutrals again.
  • Disabled 8th button interactions from allied town screens.
  • Disabled AI casting Devilish Sacrifice in order to fix the incompatiblity with Amethyst plugin.


  1. Bongovich

    I would like to play this mod. but autocasting artifacts are killing me, you can literally never visit mage guild or heck why even bother to buy spellbook. Is there a way to remove/disable those artifacts?
    Would much apreciate for answer, other than that great mod keep up 🙂

    1. Perry

      You can change the properties of artifacts in a .txt file in the mod folder. Another option would be to disable all new artifacts by disabling the Emerald plugin. This will leave you only with the H3/WoG artifacts.

      1. Secondall

        That a good one mode, but i suppose, will be a good idea to add some changes in creature specialists, 7+lv specially. For example Xeron can give his devils/archdevils not only a 5/5 attack and defense statically, but act like others specialists, and improve them (and hellbarons 2 upgrade with antichrists 3 upgrade) as he reaches the high level. So same about Mutara, Killgore, they can too improve their spec creatures, from red dragon to chasm dragon etc. And on the other hand is Dracon and Gelu, they can be some new kind of specialists. Or not. However, T7 creature specialists are really need to be changed.

  2. Bongovich

    Thanks You Perry.

  3. Karid


    That’s great we can now upgrade 7th unit to 4th upgrade in town, but they cost less then 3rd upgrade so it’s pointless to buy 3rd lvl. Is this a bug or it’s only me?

  4. illudere

    I dont know where to ask this question so i`ll ask it here, is there ANY way of fixing slow AI ? I have tried playing G H XH maps with 4 or less AI enemies and after month 3 the game becomes unplayable. The issue occurs even with a single AI enemy.

    What i believe the fix to be is limiting AI to a fixed number of maximum heroes or removing the two way portals all together, or somehow limiting AI`s ability to spam those portals.

    Can anybody help? I cant believe there`s such a richness of content yet nobody has adressed this issue yet.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, this problem occurs when the AI starts using the Dimension Door spell. You can prevent this by finishing the map faster 🙂 or remove this spell from the game (also artifacts that contain it):

  5. illudere

    This seems to be a bug, i`ve noticed it yesterday with Titans.

  6. illudere

    Hey, thanks for answering. I tried disabling DD with WOG options and pre-game options from the advanced classes mod (i believe) but that didnt seem to solve the issue. I cant be 100% sure if the options went through since i had alot of mod running at the same time , probably some conflict somewhere.

    I`ll fresh reinstall and give it another go. Tx again.

    1. Perry

      the long AI turn unfortunately is a bug from the Third Upgrade Mod. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. The author is aware of this problem. When there is a definitive solution we will let you know.
      Also please use the latest TUM v2.12.6

  7. DeadNZ

    Hi there, I wonder if there is a Creature list with the assigned numbers for the new amethyst creatures?
    Thanks Tom

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      yes, there is also a .pdf manual in the mod folder


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