Mobility – new adventure map spell for Heroes 3 Complete (no WoG)

Mobility spell increases the hero’s movement (ground and water) by 300 points. Basic Fire Magic – Once per day, Advanced – Three times per day, Expert – four times per day.

New Spells plugin 16 new spells
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)

How to install: Just copy SpellInt.def, spells.def, SpellScr.def, Sp03-.def, and FearRoE.wav to your _HD3_Data\Common folder. NewSpells.dll and NewSpells.ini should be placed into _HD3_Data\Packs\NewSpells folder. Then just add NewSpells plugin in the HD Launcher.

New Spells Plugin – 16 new spells for Heroes 3 Complete (Fear spell included)

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