New Spells Plugin – 16 new spells for Heroes 3 Complete (Fear spell included)

11 new spells have been added (well, not quite new, but we don’t have much original graphics and animations): Poison, Disease, Age, Fear, Death Cloud, Death Blow, Drain Life, Summon Sprite, Summon Magic Elemental, Summon Firebird, and adventure map spell Mobility. Keep in mind that it’s not the release version.

Updated version also include: Explosion, Incineration, Behemoth’s Claws, Toughness, and Eye of the Magi.

New Spells plugin 16 new spells
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)
Authors: AlexSpl and Rolex

Test it on a fresh Heroes 3 installation, as the savegame format used by the plugin is incompatible with the original savegame format because of the new spells, particularly due to storing info for Mobility spell (the plugin doesn’t replace the original spells though, it really adds new ones). How to install: Just copy “Common” folder to your _HD3_Data\ folder. “NewSpells” folder should be placed into _HD3_Data\Packs\ folder. Then just add plugin in the HD Launcher.


Poison reduces Health by 10%/20%/30% at Basic/Advanced/Expert Earth Magic once cast and then by 10% the next 2 rounds. Can be dispelled unlike the original Poison. Wyvern Monarchs cast new Poison at Basic. Duration – SP rounds.


Disease reduces Attack and Defense by 2, Speed by 20% at Basic Earth Magic, Attack and Defense by 4, Speed by 40% at Advanced Earth Magic. The spell has a mass version on Expert Earth Magic. Zombies cast new Disease. Duration – SP rounds.


Age reduces Health by 30%/40%/50% at Basic/Advanced/Expert Earth Magic. Duration – SP rounds.


Fear reduces Speed by 25%/50%/75% at Basic/Advanced/Expert Earth Magic. Units cannot attack and retaliate only with half strength at Basic Fear, with only 25% of their strength at Advanced, no retaliation at Expert. Duration – SP rounds.

Death Cloud

Works as Fireball, but do 30/60/120 + 40 * SP damage at Basic/Advanced/Expert Earth Magic. No immunities except the standard ones.

Death Blow

Works like the ability of Dread Knights but with 50%/75%/100% chance at Basic/Advanced/Expert Fire Magic. Duration – 1 round.

Drain Life

Works like the ability of Vampire Lords, but restores 30%/40%/50% of damage as Health. Cannot be cast on Stone/Obsidian Gargoyles, Golems, Elementals, and Vampire Lords themselves. Duration – SP rounds.

Summon Sprite

Summons 10/15/20 * SP Sprites at Basic/Advanced/Expert Air Magic.

Summon Magic Elemental

Summons 1/1.5/2 * SP Magic Elementals at Basic/Advanced/Expert. Belongs to all four Magic Schools.

Summon Firebird

Summons 0.5/0.75/1 * SP Firebirds at Basic/Advanced/Expert Fire Magic.


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    WARNING!! This may be more spells than you expect. This is flagged by three AV vendors as malicious:

    New Spells Plugin – 11 new spells for Heroes 3 Complete (Fear spell included):


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