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Platform Heroes 5
File Size 120 MB
Version v1.0
Mod Info Neutral creatures from Heroes 7 for Heroes 5
Updated 24.10. 2022
Author zahar0z
Download (Neutral creatures from Heroes 7 for Heroes 5, moddb.com)
Download (alternative download with joke animations, WoG_Folder)
Download (Sanctuary creatures from Heroes 6 and Dark Messiah creatures, WoG Folder)
Download (new gargoyle model)

How to install this mod?

Copy all from “Tribes of the East” folder from this archive to your HoMM5:ToE 3.1 game folder. Start game with “H5Game.NCF.exe” file, located in “bin” folder within you game folder.

Source: http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=46215

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