10 neutral creatures from Heroes 7 for Heroes 5 (with joke animations)

This is NCF based mod that adds 10 neutral creatures from Heroes 7 to Heroes 5. Specificaly: Black Guard, Black Guard Officer, Ancient Titan, Ancient Golem, Flaming Golem, Reforged Golem, Lizardman, Sea Elf, Kraken, Ancient Horror (Kraken-boss).

10 New neutral creatures from Heroes 7
The mod only works with Heroes 5 ToE, it is not compatible with Heroes 5.5.

New creatures will randomly appear on maps as neutrals, and as guards in specific buildings. Kraken-boss will only appear in Sunken temple, he wouldn’t appear as neutral on maps.

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  1. Weilan

    It kinda looks like those models have more polygons than all of HoMM5 put together.


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