Magical Utopia, Rotten Dragons Valley and Ultimate Utopia – 3 new utopias from Third Upgrades mod

The Third Upgades mod introduced 3 new challenges – Magical Utopia buarded by Faerie Dragons, Rotten Dragons Valley guarded by undead dragons and Ultimate Dragon Utopia guarded by Tiamats, compared to him, Azure Dragon is a plush toy.

Third Upgrade Mod
works with ERA Gaming Build

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  1. ashevn

    Azure are an op lvl.10 but from SOD era, it all in the past now . WOG not make hime better( his wog abi suck) but down him below new 8th team.Let him rest in peace already.
    Come back with ur mod.
    Many more creatures ? good .
    But. the new(re color) creature just a copy paste from original one. Better base stats,some added base abi(some not working), wog abi still same.
    Then what we have, most of all creature has double atk / no rentai/ death blow ….
    In my view it not worth spend time into, they can be worse when compare with the origin one in some case.
    – Bug :
    The upgraded lvl 8 has their abi/wog abi all over place
    Diamon and Darkness Dra get effect by magic while has magic immu in base abi
    The upgrade of Hell hydra acid atk not work as the base
    the upgrade of Sacred phoenix has more like 5-6+ rebirth times
    The hypnos from upgrade evil eyes just ….
    The sharpshooter team wog abi : shot at melee not work .

    – the creatures name: King -> Emperor , Queen->Empress,Storm ->Hurrican ?… just kill me
    – the new one/HOTA/other mod… creature and their bank just get in the way of original creature or other thing should be
    I will love to see lvl 1 or lvl 2 main castle creature bank at start in stead of Lup/Dyras/Satyr…

    – New creature size : too BIG .
    like the Elder Trean can total block the view on the dwaf in above square…
    Ur prized Tiamat just the a Chaos Hydra head on Black Dragon body then recolor ( Gorynyches = hydra head + green dragon body)
    Ok strong stats , all over place abi , but Atk all adjacent + death stare ? this it very new combo .
    The upgrade Farie Dragon , Primal ? ok
    stats boosted, same abi but the magic scale atk are same or maybe trashier ….

    – The skeleton team : diablo 2 ?
    the idea about mana ske are nice but instead of ske make it to the creature like Magic eater seem better

    – upgrade enchanter ? spell caster with shot twice abi ?
    how many cast he need use before he can shot ? 3 ? or we have keep use auto atk to play him ?

    Excuse me for my bad/trash gramma.TY


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