Human AI mod for ERA 3

Human AI mod improves AI strength by emulating human tactics / advantages, rather than simple obviously cheated handicaps. This results in much more interesting games against AI, especially in random maps.

Human AI
works with ERA 3 Launcher
How to install ERA 3 mods

Normal AI best hero, Month 1, Week 3. Day 1

Human AI best hero, Month 1, Week 3. Day 1

Human AI mod Features:

  • AI “thinking” radius can be adjusted, by default it is raised to match SoD.
  • AI emulates necromancy. It is normally bugged and does nearly nothing for AI. With this active you’ll see AI heroes with hundreds of skeletons very commonly
  • AI emulates Demon farming with Pit Lords. This doesn’t usually make a difference until the late-game, but it can become truly fearsome.
  • AI recovers most losses from AI battles, which simulates how a player uses low-cost 1-stacks while fighting neutrals. Normally AI bleeds massive numbers of units as it fights neutral stacks.
  • AI simulates human secondary skill choices, by replacing AI’s “bad” choices. No more Eagle Eye/Estates/Scholar/etc. main heroes.
  • AI replaces “bad” heroes with “good” ones on first day, and tries to prevent hiring more “bad” ones.
  • AI hires more heroes than normal, bypassing the normal limits to a desired amount
  • AI consolidates its troops onto its two highest-level heroes, when their heroes are hidden by fog of war. This is huge, as AI won’t squander their precious high-tier troops on hopeless scouts.


  1. Kocken

    Is this compatible with Hota HD?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      no, the mod is not compatible with HotA, only with ERA 3


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