Human AI mod for ERA 3

Human AI mod improves AI strength by emulating human tactics / advantages, rather than simple obviously cheated handicaps. This results in much more interesting games against AI, especially in random maps.

Human AI
works with ERA 3 Launcher
How to install ERA 3 mods

Normal AI best hero, Month 1, Week 3. Day 1

Human AI best hero, Month 1, Week 3. Day 1

Human AI mod Features:

  • AI “thinking” radius can be adjusted, by default it is raised to match SoD.
  • AI emulates necromancy. It is normally bugged and does nearly nothing for AI. With this active you’ll see AI heroes with hundreds of skeletons very commonly
  • AI emulates Demon farming with Pit Lords. This doesn’t usually make a difference until the late-game, but it can become truly fearsome.
  • AI recovers most losses from AI battles, which simulates how a player uses low-cost 1-stacks while fighting neutrals. Normally AI bleeds massive numbers of units as it fights neutral stacks.
  • AI simulates human secondary skill choices, by replacing AI’s “bad” choices. No more Eagle Eye/Estates/Scholar/etc. main heroes.
  • AI replaces “bad” heroes with “good” ones on first day, and tries to prevent hiring more “bad” ones.
  • AI hires more heroes than normal, bypassing the normal limits to a desired amount
  • AI consolidates its troops onto its two highest-level heroes, when their heroes are hidden by fog of war. This is huge, as AI won’t squander their precious high-tier troops on hopeless scouts.


  1. Kocken

    Is this compatible with Hota HD?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      no, the mod is not compatible with HotA, only with ERA 3

  2. Erosia

    Hello there.
    I am not sure what part of WoG or this mod causes this, but my AI is really stupid. I have done extensive testing, and it does not clear neutrals guarding mines, valuable artifacts etc. even though their main hero can beat them easily. Main hero mostly wanders around doing not much. He should just demolish every neutral stack and get super strong for me to best. Any idea why this is?
    Thanks a lot.


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