How does the Necromancy skill work exactly?

Necromancy is a secondary skill that enables the hero to raise killed enemy creatures as Skeletons (or Skeleton Warriors). All Death Knights and Necromancers start with basic Necromancy skill, except Isra the Death Knight and Vidomina the Necromancer, who both start with advanced Necromancy. Other hero classes can not learn Necromancy, but they can acquire it from Scholars, Events or Witch Huts.

Necromancy skill affecting factors:

  • Amulet of the Undertaker – Artifact increases Necromancy skill +5 %
  • Vampire’s Cowl – Artifact increases Necromancy skill +10 %
  • Dead Man’s Boots – Artifact increases Necromancy skill +15 %
  • Necromancy Amplifier – Structure increases Necromancy skill +10 % (bonus stacks if you have multiple towns with this building)
  • Soul prison – Grail structure increases Necromancy skill +20 %

Heroes with a specialty in Necromancy:

Isra and Vidomina receives a 5% per level bonus to Necromancy skill percentage.

If we take expert Necromancy (30% of enemy creatures killed are resurrected), that doesn’t mean that after level 2 it will be 35% and after level 3, 40% etc. This is the wrong way to see it. It will increase the skill percentage by +5%, so we need to take the 5% of the 30%, which is +1,5% per level.

How does Necromancy work?

All killed enemy creatures can be raised as skeletons. This includes sacrificed creatures, cloned creatures (watch video), summoned elementals and even war machines.

If the victorious hero’s army contains only Skeleton Warriors and there are no empty slots available, the killed enemy creatures are raised as Skeleton Warriors instead of Skeletons.

However, in this case only 66.6% of Skeleton Warriors are raised compared to Skeletons. If there are no available slots and no skeletons (either kind) in the army, none of the killed enemy creatures are raised.

The number of skeletons brought back at the end of the combat depends on three main factors:

  1. Number of creatures in killed stacks
  2. Amount of health of killed stacks
  3. Level of Necromancy skill


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  1. Dread Knight

    Nice article. Though a stack of skeletons is cheese if you use Disruption on it a few times xD


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