HoMM III: The Board Game – Super Stretch Goal Unlocked!!!!!

Congratulations to everyone for absolutely smashing the Super Stretch Goal! We have even more exciting Stretch Goals planned so keep charging forward and don’t look back!

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HoMM3: The Board Game official

Stretch Goal Unlocks

First up, we have an upgraded version of the morale token. Use these to your advantage whenever your army engages in glorious battle!

You know what they say; Never let them guess your next move. With these cards, you’ll see everything from miles away!

Now for something very special… Some faction specific units will now be available as Neutral Creatures that you can encounter when exploring the map! This was something that was heavily requested and we couldn’t wait to reveal it to you! There’s 14 as stretch goals, with more being included in the base game, replacing the duplicate cards which massively increases replayability.

Only the most savage of creatures would live in a place like this… Introducing the Fortress Town Miniature!

Bron, the Beastmaster has an uncanny resistance to the gaze of a Basilisk which allows him to learn more about them without turning into stone. Talk about a stone-cold gaze…

Having an infinite supply of Crystals is nice and all, but have you ever thought about combining that with a dragon? Well, I’ve got news for you…

We have a couple more unlocks however, our artists are still hard at work and we’ll be able to show them once they’re ready!

Now for the ultimate reveal…

Super Stretch Goal

There’s been a lot of questions about what’s in the treasure chest and it’s finally time to reveal it! It’s not something that we had in mind when starting this campaign however, because of your overwhelming support we decided to add it in!

We have an entire additional faction that we plan to release however we need your help; which side will you take for the battle for Erathia? Vote in the poll using the link to choose which faction will be added in the Pledge Manager, voting ends at the end of the campaign! The new faction will be revealed at the end of the Campaign on our livestream.

Link here ➡️ https://archon-studio.com/content/new-expansion-survey

We added a 35 Euro addon so you may add it to your pledge right now to unlock more stretch goals, but you may also purchase it later when it’s on the pledge manager!


  1. Spicy Pumpa

    HoMM3 board game?! What the hell?! Shut up and take my money!!!

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      The English version will be available in December 2023 (so let’s hope they get everything done)


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