Heroes VII – The Hunger Games 2 ARENA

The map is inspired by famous series written by Suzanne Collins. If you know them, some features might be familiar to you. However, it’s not necessary to know the original Hunger Games at all, you can still enjoy a multiplayer map which is great I hope, but if you’re more into Casino games, you can visit sites as https://royal99site.com/ to find the best betting resources online.

Each of 6 players controls two heroes, chosen by a community poll in autumn, and two towns from different factions (representing thus all 12 districts). All players get only ONE WEEK to prepare, to build their armies and to level up their heroes (everything in the underground). During that time, players are strictly forbidden to fight each other. Before the timer expires, they have to move to the island in the middle and teleport to the arena, where the battle will take place. Compared to the original version, this one has much faster beginning, so you get to the arena after several minutes of playing. The whole game can be finished in a while… or in many hours, it’s just up to you.

/Hunger Games map CZ info

Hunger Games 2 map (maps4heroes.com)

As soon as the timer expires, all barriers are broken and players and heroes can start fighting until only one winner is left. There are no towns in the arena and heroes lose their beginning towns as soon as the timer expires, also their resources are set to 0. Sure there are some neutral armies, resources, artefacts and neutral locations in the arena, but they can be occupied by your enemy…

The map offers various ways to win, many hidden places and mechanics you might discover only after several games, so the replayability should be great. Additionally, the map should be completely different to the rest of multiplayer maps.


– the map is scripted for 6 players in hotseat
– it is recommended to play with random skilling for more fair game
– you should update the game to the latest version 2.21 for playing

How to set factions (they have no gameplay impact but they code the map function)!!!
– player 1 must be always human and they can choose whatever faction
– humans players in positions 2-6 must NOT CHOOSE HAVEN (haven activates scripts for playable AI)
– AI players in positions 2-6 MUST CHOOSE HAVEN
– if you want to reduce the number of players, just set them as AI + assign them any other faction than Haven, these players will lose anyway when the Hunger Games start

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