Heroes of Might and Magic III Lite (Heroes 5 mod)

I know everyone is now playing and discussing Heroes 5.5, but I don’t (maybe I’m stupid or just oldschool). I always loved HoMM 3 and WoG, but it somehow got too outdated for me to play and enjoy, So I created a mod for myself and I want to share it with all who are just like me. This mod makes HoMM5 to be more HoMM3-like. I had this idea earlier and use it in my Quicksilver mod, but it was never fully finished and it had my own ideas included. I lost my interest and some files back then, but not this time. It’s only in beta , but it’s fully funcional.
Why “Lite“? Because I didn’t fully convert the game to be HoMM3 3D. I didn’t change the interface, magic schools, skill system, building system, sounds or create new monsters. I used what we already had in game. – bigjocker (author)

Heroes of Might and Magic III Lite


  • Changed stats, looks, names and lineups of the creatures to be like in HoMM3, excluding some creatures which I couldn’t create. (some creatures also have bonus HoMM5 abilities, because I didn’t want to lose them and they fit perfectly)
  • No more alternative upgrades (just one upgrade per creature).
  • Changed levels,costs, names and lineups of dwelings inside towns to be like in HoMM3.
  • Changed spell stats to be like in HoMM3 (I didn’t change the names since it doesn’t matter a lot).
  • Added MANY neutral creatures from HoMM3, WoG, HoMM4, HoMM5, MMH6, MMH7 and few of my own. (I won’t write all list, you will discover them all by yourself, it will be more fun)
  • Fortress (Dwarves) replaced by HoMM3 Conflux (Town looks stays the same, at least for now).
  • Because of creature changing some heroes changed their abilities.
  • Used sharpening for all creatures’ textures and icons to make them look better.
  • No more low quality models of creatures in maps. The game might be a little more recource hungry, but you shouldn’t experience any problems if your computer is not from Windows XP or Vista era.
  • Heroes are now more universal (can be Might and/or Magic, except for Stronghold – it’s still might oriented).
  • Rage bonuses and values are changed
  • Necromancy changed to be more like in HoMM3. I wanted it to raise only skeletons like in H3, but find it too lame and wanted to use H5 system so now it’s like this:
    • All humanoids are raised as Skeletons (upgraded versions and neutrals are raised as Skeleton Warriors.
    • All riders are raised as Black Knights (upgraded versions and neutrals are raised as Dread Knights)
    • All dragons are raised as Bone Dragons (upgraded versions and neutrals are raised as Ghost Dragons)
    • All other living creatures are raised as Wights (upgraded versions and neutrals are raised as Wraiths)


Version of game used is HoMM 5 Tribes of the East 3.1
Mod is incompatible with HoMM5.5
There might be conflicts with other mods too. I recommend to use this mod only, or contact me and I will check if your mod is compatible with this one.
Scenarios might be unplayable. Needs further testing.
I am not a professional artist or game modder so there might be some bad textures or animations or even game crahes. I am also not responsible if your game or game saves becomes broken after apllying this mod (it shouln’t happen but it’s possible with game saves. I suggest to start new game after installing this mod). I made this mod for myself only but share it if anyone who is interested. If you don’t like it, just don’t download and install it. All criticism is welcome and healthy until it becomes an insult. I am not a native English speaker so it’s possible that there are mistakes in grammar here or in game, sorry for that in advance and you are welcome to correct me.

How to install

  1. Download the file from the link below.
  2. Put the file into game’s “data” folder (by default it’s “C:\Program Files (x86)UbisoftHeroes of Might and Magic V – Tribes of the Eastdata”).
  3. Launch the game as normal and enjoy.

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