Heroes ERA 3 Launcher Edition Update v2.19

Heroes 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (WoG/ERA), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP). This launcher replaces ERA Gaming build.

ERA 3 Launcher
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

Changelog v2.19:
[+] The method of adding options to the WoG options menu has been updated – now the text is taken from the json file – thanks to igrik, Archer;
[+] mod WoG Graphic Fix Lite up to version 2.5.0 – thanks to Grossmaster;
[+] Updated HD mod to version 5.2 R56 – thanks to Baratorch;
[+] updated fonts in “WoG Rus” and “Game Enhancements Mod” – thanks to Grossmaster;

[-] Removed duplicate options from the WoG options menu;
[-] Removed inactive options (Split Decision, Terrain passability) from the WoG options menu;
[-] Removed duplicate options from ERA Scripts mod;

[#] Fixed triggering of events of the “Night Intelligence” option for inactive heroes (hidden in cities);
[#] Minor optimizations of some mods;

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