Free Heroes 2 – Enhanced


Tak a máme tu zaujímavo modifikáciu, alebo skôr nadstavbu Heroes 2. Je to niečo podobné ako VCMI, hra ponúka množstvo vylepšení, hlavne čo sa týka používateľského rozhrania (UI). Hra bola ešte trochu nemotorná, čo sa týkalo pohybu hrdinu, veď je to vidieť aj na videu.

Každopádne, Free Heroes 2 má veľký potenciál. Pri stiahnutí hra obsahuje demo, takže si ho môžete bez problémov vyskúšať, bez potreby vlastniť originál Heroes 2.

fheroes 2

Free Heroes 2 – Enhanced Features:

  • Buying buildings with one click?
  • Upgrade units with one click if you have resources
  • Last saved file is put on top of “Load” list (files are sorted by time, not name)
  • An installer that will also download the Heroes 2 Demo or extra maps to not look for them how to copy (only on Windows now)
  • Quick combat to avoid tedious battles. If the QuickCombat results are not perfect, you can replay the battle
  • Performance improvements over Free Heroes 2. Especially when “end-turn”, in my testing is around 3-4 times quicker
  • Many UI fixes
  • Game balance fixes: going to a boat will not drain all movement points (but it will dran many). This matches more with Heroes 6-7 gameplay, but is nicer like this. The same is with digging for treasures

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