fheroes2 update v0.9.20 – AI logic was greatly improved, added Handicap mode

It is time to introduce a new version of fheroes2 – 0.9.20. One month has passed and Fheroes2 team is happy to share some news about the new v0.9.20 release.

Translations and corresponding UI saw huge improvements. Team added support for Turkish, Dutch and Romanian languages, including not only their translations but font generations for each of them. Moreover, the fheroes2 engine is now capable of generating new buttons within the game for any language. For now we have updated just a few buttons in the game, but in the future we are going to make it possible to cover all of the buttons for any language within the game.

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How to install fheroes2 with campaign animations (youtube)

The AI has improved significantly. The team did an enormous work in fixing various logical issues related to the AI and also some very tricky places which would have been impossible to catch for normal players. This was made possible by a new special debug tool within the engine which allows us to literally see every step of the AI. Team also decreased some monster growth perks for the AI, which by the way were also present in the original game, to have more fair conditions for human players and the AI.

The Petrification spell got a brand new icon which was not present in the original game, and this icon was drawn by Fheroes2 team pixel artist.

On top of all of this team added a Handicap feature not only for multiplayer as it was in the original game, but also for single-player games to give players more flexibility and an even higher challenge while playing certain maps.

fheroes2 update v0.9.20 changelog:

  • AI logic was greatly improved, including fixes for incorrect behavior and related game’s logic to population growth
  • Expanded the list of translation with Turkish, Dutch and Romanian translations together with updating existing languages
  • Added new button’s font to support new as well as add translation for existing buttons in the game
  • Add new proper icons for Petrification spell
  • Add Handicap mode not only for multiplayer games but for single-player as well
  • Over 30 bugs are fixed since 0.9.19 release

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