Extended Succession Wars campaign support – Free Heroes 2 update v0.9.3

Another month and another release! fheroes2 has been updated to 0.9.3 version! In the last month fheroes2 team finally fixed one of the biggest visible issues: shadows around heroes on the World map. Previously shadows were rendered with unknown logic, even the same one multiple times. But now rendering looks as good as possible!

Also team added few more things making the game interface more friendly and pleasant to use. Buttons for fast exchange of armies and artifacts in hero meeting dialog. On top of this team made changes in Lich shooting attack. Now the area of the attack is visible helping players to perform the attack in known manner without any guesses.

A huge improvement was added to fheroes2: support of the original languages of the game was added: Polish, French, German and Russian! And finally fheroes2 almost finished the support of “The Succession Wars” campaigns, including bonuses and special victory conditions. As usual team spent enormous efforts for code quality as well fixed more than 80 bugs!

Heroes 2 Gold GOG version (works only with this version)

Free Heroes 2 v0.9.3 changelog:

  • Add support for all official languages, including French, Polish, German and Russian
  • Add exchange buttons in hero meeting dialog
  • Extend The Succession Wars campaign support
  • Fix many places with hero drawings on World map
  • Fix multiple places with logic in battle
  • Over 80 bugs fixed since 0.9.2 release
  • full changelog (git hub)


  1. Savage Source

    Fascinating news with the Free Heroes 2. I always wanted to try out a campaign with these useful features to the game.

  2. Andrei

    Good afternoon after installing the mod when loading the companies there is no video, and when selecting the original company automatically selects only the company for roland

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Andrei, I had the same problem, so I can help you:

      1. Install Heroes 2 Gold DOS version from GOG
      2. Install Heroes 2 Gold Windows version from GOG
      3. copy all files which belong to fheroes2 into a folder with the DOS game version
      4. copy “ANIM” folder from Win version to DOS version folder
      5. now everything should work

  3. Borasdk

    Hi trying too get videos intro for campaigns too work but dont understand what i have too do not that smart with this can i get a step my step detail on what too do for videos too work.


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