ERA v3.1.2 update + latest WoG scripts

A new major version of Heroes of mIght and Magic III ERA was released. Current version: 3.1.2. Currently WoG campaign are removed from the package (SoD campaigns became fully available with sound and prologue / epilogue). Once “alpha” tag is removed, they will be uploaded as standalone WoG Campaigns mod.


 Santa Gremlins have become a playable monster. Normal weekly growth (16) instead of daily one, gift cancellation, ice arrow damage = 10 * number of Santas. Bottom line: a great third upgrade for Master Gremlins.
 The installer includes the latest version of the game bug fix plugin from igrik. Latest changes: fixed crashes caused by incorrect placing of Fire walls when attacking with hell steeds. Fixed bugs in already included plugins.
 Added two new optional patches: prisons ban on random maps and single-slot combo artifacts.
 The random number generator, which is sometimes quite annoying for players, has been replaced with the modern “Mersenne Twister” algorithm.
 The EPM library has been updated with functions for copying and cloning arrays, hashing integers, getting a text description of neutrals quntity on the map, and a few other fixes.

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