ERA v3.2 update + latest WoG scripts was released

A new major version of Heroes of mIght and Magic III ERA was released. Current version: 3.2. Currently Wake of Gods campaign are removed from the package (SoD campaigns became fully available with sound and prologue / epilogue). Once “alpha” tag is removed, they will be uploaded as standalone WoG Campaigns mod.


 Briefly: doubling of EPM library size, fixing bugs in the engine and plugins, new and fixed EPM commands, fixing monster specialization frames, functions for formatting numbers, further development of the game’s dialog system, etc.

 Updated the “wog native dialog” and “game bug fixes” plugins from igrik. The ability to easily configure sections of WoG Options via json files, support for setting which images will be selectable in dialogs, fixing bugs of damage blocking and creature autocloning.
 Added localization-based number formatting tools and corresponding json settings.
 Redesigned the file un44.def (monster specialization pictures): fixes and frames palette optimization. Author: Bes.
 EPM editor was updated. Added support for auto-completion of new constants and events.
 Added possibility to make some of pictures unselectable for decorative purposes to universal game dialog with a choice of up to 8 pictures.
 ERM functions are finally able to return strings from functions.
 It is become possible to redeclare EPM constants with the same values, which will allow mods for older engine versions to use new files with constants. The constants themselves are now written to saved games.
 Added EPM commands to force a number to a fixed range and a command to get the value of a constant by name during script execution.
 Added an event that triggers when the main settings for the battle are already set and you can analyze enemy stacks.
 The ERM library now store most of the battle parameters in global variables.
 The ERM library was enriched by functions for creating dynamic arrays, adding elements to them and pulling elements from the end of the array, stopping and starting game animations, opening arbitrary pop-up DL dialogs, changing the coordinates of DL dialogs, aligning the position of DL dialogs, and formatting numbers.
 Fixed a few bugs in the Era engine: IF:Q, FU:S, HookCode.
 Other changes.

Full Changelog:

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