Death Valley v1.0 (VCMI)


Opäť tu máme ďalšie zaujímavé mesto s názvom Death Valley, ktoré už veľmi dlho leží mŕtve na fóre HeroesCommunity. Mesto oživil Zeryss, ktorý má už na svedomí viac projektov pre VCMI.

Modifikácia Death Valley je dostupné len pre VCMI daily builds, nebude fungovať s aktuálnou verziou 0.99. Mod works only with VCMI daily builds.

Death Valley v1.0
How to install modifications for VCMI
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  1. Pablo

    Hi! There is an error when this castle is attacked. In a siege attack the game always crash.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Pablo, do you use other modifications as well? Try download another VCMI daily build.

  2. Christopher C

    hello I can’t lunch the game when the mod is placed and enables in the VCMI mods folder
    it just closes back b4 the 3DO opening logo

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, which version of VCMI do you have installed? 0.99 or daily build?

  3. mitsche91

    I got a small problem with this town. The second unit should be Bone Hook / Flayer which are range units. For some time (or some later vcmi versions, I don’t know) I can only recruit Bone Guards / Bone Defenders which are melee units. The scripts inside the folder just mention Bone Hooks and Flayers; the starting hero and the hired heroes have Hooks as the second unit; but clicking the right mouse button, while you’re chosing a town to have a look at the possible units before starting a game, shows you the Bone Defenders. I’m a little bit confused and need help 😀 I’d like to have my Bone Hooks back in town 😀

  4. Oleksii

    When i buid “dead knight statue” i cant enter the castle my hero – game is log out to main menu.


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