Creature Bank Creator for ERA 3 (Beta)

Thanks to Berseker and his new release of ERA 3, RerryR was able to create a script/mod that allows to turn map objects into creature banks (CB). The goal of the project was to simulate a fully functional creature bank with only ERM code. This script will allow modders to easily create new creature banks and distribute them. Hope that creative people will use it and share their work or port creature banks from HotA or Tide of War to ERA, so they are available for everyone.

What is currently possible with this script:

  • turn most objects available in the map editor into a CB. Transmuted objects can lose their original functionality, so I recommend to use blank objects for now.
  • you can set custom sounds and battlefields
  • replace map objects with your new CB, so they will appear on random maps
  • fully flexibility by setting type of guards and number of guards
  • setting a lot of possible rewards.
  • CB can spawn in different sizes (Small,Medium,Large,Huge)
  • CB can be revisited
  • CB guards can grow over time

This is a “beta” version of the template. So please report bugs so I can improve it. In theory, this template can be expanded with anything you can imagine. Ofc if you are good with ERM you can even add your own scripts.
How much more time I will invest depends on your feedback and reports.

Author: RerryR

Creature Bank Creator for ERA 3
Mod Support Forum

How to use this template in short:

  1. Download Mod and activate in Mod Manager
  2. Open Map Editor and look for an object that should become your CB
  3. Place that object on your test map
  4. Open ERM Editor and load one of the blank templates New_CB_000.erm
  5. Make all settings in the erm file. until line 130 *Start of Script*
  6. Save and start your map. Test if all settings work by visiting your CB with a hero
  7. If you want to use your CB on a random map look for objects that should be replaced. Choose up to 6 different ones. Also, place these on your test map and check if they get replaced correctly. The yellow square should match in the coordinates. If it does not use the x-Offset setting until it does. This will prevent unaccessible CB
  8. For new CB use a new template with a different number
  9. Keep in mind that this Mod requires at least ERA 3.02 to work.

The newest ERA 3 is still in development and not widely used but this will change in the future. So please see this as a long term project. Many thanks to RerryR and Berserker for his support and ERA!

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