Courtyard – New playable faction (VCMI)

Trith, one of MDT Team head graphic designer, silently for years, was making a new faction (forget about old demo version). And now, something comes to fruition. He decided to post some promotional screens before official premiere. I’m going to update topic with new pictures showing some of Courtyard stuff. Because new faction is not only new units and heroes – mod contains some fresh and cool small features than should lighten up traditional gameplay. So, stay tuned!


  1. Khan

    Zmenil bych ty Dodos, moc se mi tam nehodí. Jinak to vypadá jako dobré město, jen mám otázku: Bude to fungovat s módem Tides of War ?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Nazdar, tých by som zmenil aj ja, ale dozvedel som sa že Dodo je len taký žart a ako jednotka v meste Courtyard nebude 🙂

      S Tides of War by mala modifikácia fungovať, ale to sa všetko uvidí po vydaní.


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