Cosplay: Prykon Fantasy Festival Poland 2019


Multigenre Fan Convention Pyrkon, commonly known as Pyrkon, is a Polish fan convention held annually in Poznań on the first weekend after the spring equinox and dedicated to an integration of Science fiction fandom and a promotion of science-fiction/fantasy literature, comics, film, television, video games, RPG, LARP, board games, collectible card games and miniature wargaming.

Pyrkon is the biggest event of this type in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe (over 55,000 people in 2022).

Archangel cosplay by @DiegoTangensmedusa @WydryCosplay, Xeron @ariscreationscosplay and Gelu @SotA.Artist.

If you have additional photos, do not hesitate to send them to me by email: admin(at)



  1. DiegoTan

    Hey 🙂 I’m the Archangel on your pictures. Would you be so kind to mark us on them?


    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Of course, I added links to your profiles. Do you know other cosplayers?

      Could you also share the costume production pictures with us (angel and medusa)?

      You can send them here: admin(at)

  2. ArisCreations
    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Perfect, thanks.


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