Astral Town download (VCMI daily build)

Astral town works only with VCMI daily build of October 11 or above.

Astral Town
VCMI daily build


  1. fatfishwen

    Hi, it seems that this mod has some compatibility problem with Refugee Town v0.4
    ( Only one of these two towns can be enabled or else VCMI will crush after launching.
    Can you please double-check about it?

    1. fatfishwen

      My bad – the problem is partially caused by the old WoG v9.0 and it’s solved with 9.0.1 (

      1. Liso1 (Post author)

        Hi fatfishwen, it is usually not very good to use many modifications at once, I always use only one (except those that can be downloaded via vcmi launcher)


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