All Heroes 3.5 In the Wake of Gods artifacts, 8th creatures, neutral creatures and Gods

As told in an ancient legend, the fertile ground of Erathia and all creatures occupying her was created by the Gods who grew tired of their immortality. Having conceived of this world, they did not interfere with the course of events and could not even foresee them, and so from this fickle world they received truly divine pleasure …

Another legend says completely the opposite. One fine day, Divine Will shall intrude into the world created by the gods and will disturb the measured life of everyone who occupies it … But let us put aside old legends. We will think up our own. You are not the God. You are just a Hero of Erathia. And now, it is time for you to act … — The WoG Team

ERA Gaming build
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

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