Advanced Classes Mod v1.04 update (ERA 2)

With this version, the circle to the famous Advanced Levels-(Sagamosa) Mod closes, as you can see on the new level up dialogue. I hope you like the design as much as I do. In this version, every class received 1 or 2 new and unique class perks and the visual update. Leveling up your Hero to Grandmaster was never more fun.

We also updated the mechanics for Luck and Morale by removing the old and stupid +3 cap. Finally it is worth to stack up your Luck and Morale if you want to. Grandmaster Eagle Eye will now learn you 5th level spells directly in combat, making it much more useful. The Summoning Elemental spells have been reworked and adjusted, each Element now fulfills a specific role during combat. Some Commanders received new battle features, such as stacking life and damage through killing enemies. There are many more little improvements throughout the whole mod. I also want to note that playing the ACM requires the newest version of ERA, I strongly recommend to use the ERA Gaming build.

Please delete the old version first, because Advanced Classes Mod now comes with one big-ass erm file. Author: Perry R

Advanced Classes mod
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After 1.04 there will be one more version 1.05, which will be the final version. Theres only so much you can improve in a game. after that it is time for new projects…

A few things to note: When using the Daemon_n ERA Gaming build, it comes with the new HD mod in version 5. To enjoy the correct colours we intendet for the mod, the game must run in the Mode: (stretchtable 16-bit OpenGL by Verok) or something similar. Please make the correct setting in the HD_Launcher.

When using the 10 skills plugin the new level up Dialogue will look distorted, this might soon be fixed, depending on motivation.

Advanced Classes mod full Changelog:

Version 1.03 -> 1.04

  •  For the time of the Corona Pandemic, reenabled the Plague Week
  • Reworked Advanced-Classes level up dialogue with new graphics, Hello Advanced Levels Mod 😉
  • Several new class perks, at least one for every class, (like Channeling, Concentration, Landlord and more …)
  • Added Medusa creature specialist for Dungeon (Demacon)
  • Full compatibility with Battle Replay Plugin
  • a lot of code optimization, for texts, functions, loops to work with the newest ERA. Now V2.9 minimum is required
  • increased level class requirement all by +1 (+2 for GM at 10 skills)
  • M/GM Luck and Leadership now give +4/+5
  • Eagle Eye M/GM now can learn 5th level spells directly in combat.
  • Improved Luck and Morale mechanics with better scaling and removed the old stupid +3 cap. Props to Igor
  • Reworked Summoning Spell Mechanics (Now number of elements depend on total summoned HP, changed level of spells)
  • added Spell Duration Mod as an option (new formula to calculate the duration of spells)
  • Show current Magic Week when right-clicking End Turn
  • Berserker cast radius changed 1/1/1/3/3/3 Hex (so like Fireball for Expert/M/GM)
  • Spell Points cost increase for multicast made consistent (each consecutive cast gets more expensive)
  • All Commanders now need at least 1 point in Magic to cast (amount of max casts reduced by 1)
  • Shaman (+1 max damage) and Astral Spirit (+5HP) Commander now can increase stats permanently when slaying complete stack in battle (max 3 times per battle)
  • adjusted the starting armies of creature specialist
  • 3 Piece Secret Warrior Set Bonus now gives +1% chance/damage per 3 fights, same for Mage Set. Adventurer +1% growth per 20 wins
  • Ring of the Magi gives +1% Spell Damage per 3 wins (so now it is not automatically a better choice than the secret set)
  • Succubus charming now doesn’t work on Mind Immune Creatures. HP threshold increased from 50 to 75*Succubus level + Succubus HP
  • enabled that certain heroes start with different commanders that better match (thx Xercsin)
  • Temple Guarding now regs +2 SP from lvl1 on with attacks
  • Brute, removed Gold scaling on higher levels (damage scales good enough)
  • Paladin Exp. gain slightly increased on low levels and reduced on high levels (from 10% per level to +5% per level +100%, so it equals out around level 20)
  • Casting commander now profits from Sorcery if Hero has that skill (means +10-50% damage)
  • reduced damage scaling of Battle Commander and set shots to zero (sometimes he had some which was bad)
  • removed that GM Adv gets free Off/Arm/Archery
  • Reduced Warfare bonus by 1att/def
  • Diplomacy now shows the number of creatures that want to join, price increased by +30% for creatures to buy
  • First Aid tent reduced HP bonus from +15% to +10% at GM and reduced total resurrection capacity to 3% of total army HP +100/200/300/500/1000 points
  • Scouting gold/experience bonus at high levels slightly reduced and halved the creatures to fight, reduced chance to discover events
  • brought the Barkeeper back online!
  • fix Elemental Specialist didn’t work as intended. Now they can only multicast their own elements spell and not every spell
  • fix Adventurer could learn Wisdom at M/GM
  • fix Battlemage no longer shoots damage ray before combat
  • fix with State of Shock modifier from Air spells
  • fix with 5% neutral upgrade per week option, could lead to neutral stack overflow on map
  • fix for Scholar spell points regenenration when meeting with allied heroes
  • fix in Neutral Units Scripts (Division trough Zero bug)
  • fix sometimes First Aid Tent would heal the first unit in the stack fully (only noticeable for Commanders or high HP creatures)


  1. ekh

    Bug reporting

    Hello, today is 2020-04-20.
    I run the game version v1.04.

    1. Creature speciality do duplicate on battle.

    lv. 14 drakon Att/Def +3 in adventure hero window.
    but Att/Def +3 x2 in unit window in battle.

    2. Devil set make +20% fire spell damage but the damage is not pre-calculated in book. Other atifact is also.

    Thank you your work for MOD.

  2. Perry

    Thanks for playing.

    1) This is no error. There are two things working here. The original H3 mechanic which gives +att/def and +1 speed AND the enhanced additional buffs through the mod. The first bonus you can see directly in your Hero Screen
    Drakon at LVL 14 will give +3att/def to Gnolls.
    The second bonus (from my mod which you can see when right-clicking the hero spec) works only in combat. So in combat, it will be +6 att/def in total.
    The solution is not optimal but is a result of technical limitations.

    2) Unfortunately again technical limitation. Additional spell damage (which you can see when Right-Clicking Knowledge Icon) is not displayed in the spell book. But you can see it on combat it will say: “Fireball deals 100 extra damage” this is the additional damage you gain from artifacts or perks.
    Please also note that AOE damage is displayed wrong during combat. Critical hits will not be shown in the damage output. But when you use a calculator you will see all damage is applied correctly!

    Today I made an important update.
    I’am sure Liso will update on his page.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Updated! Thanks

    2. Salvador S

      Hello and thanks for you MOD

      I have a bug reporting about sorcery skill. Always that you get the sorcery skill to the heroe, you see in the heroe’s screen a message of an error that repeat every time that you want to do something inside the heroe’s screen. If yo don’t take the sorcery skill, none message error appear.

  3. Salvador

    Bug Reporting

    When you choose Sorcery Skill, you have always an error in the Heroe’s screen. If you try to move any artifact o monster, you always see a window error. If you don’t choose the sorcery skill, you never have a error in the heroe’s screen

  4. HellBaron


    First of all, thank you for your Mod. It’s amazing.

    Bug reporting. Every time that the heroe gets sorcery skill, in the heroe’s screen appears a message error when you try to do something in the same heroe’s screen. If you don’t get the sorcery, everything is goig fine. Is possible to fix this problem? Thank you so much

  5. Perry

    Hi Devil
    thanks. This error is new to me. I need your savegame and Debug folder to fix it.

    When a crash happens ERA will create several log files with all necessary information, including your loaded mods and game version.
    You can also generate that log during your game by pressing F11. You can locate that folder in your Heroes 3 main folder under “Debug”. Please send zipped “Debug” folder with Also put your save game and maybe even the map you played in that folder. This will provide all necessary information to catch the bug.

    1. HellBaron

      Hi Mate

      The problem is that the game doesn’t crash. You can continue playing bur with the same message error in the heroe’s screen. This message dissapear after pressing the intro key several times. And it happens in all the maps and when you try to do something another time in heroe’s screen, the error appears again. But if you want, I can force the error getting the sorcery skill and I can send you a screenshot and I can give you more details about my game configuration or what you need to catch the bug.

      Thank You very much

      1. Perry

        What I need I wrote 🙂
        You go ingame, press F11 and send me your savegame together with the zipped “Debug” folder.
        Only than I will be able to look for the error.

        1. Salvador

          Hi Again

          I send you the “Debug” folder and the savegame with the map i was playing.


          1. Perry R

            Okay and how?
            When using Dropmefiles you need to give me the link with the uploads. You can post it here.

            1. HellBaron


              Now I’m playing with the last upgrade of the Third upgrade Mod (1.10.5), and getting the sorcery skill, i don’t have any message error. The version of the ACM mod is the same, 1.04.


              1. Perry R

                so far when playing your save I dont get an error message. So I’am not sure.
                What you should do, judging by your loaded mods please do this:
                Delete old ACM version (folder!) and install these two new version

                Please disable the following mods when starting a new game(they are already included in ACM):
                Improved Spells
                Spell Trainer
                Bad Luck 2

                and maybe Spells Description

  6. ekh

    I did reached triple hybrid class using 10 skill mod-on.

    First 1 class change, second 2, 3 simulated class change(same point), then game script say 2,3 hybrid class. Real game say (1,3), (1,2), (2,3) hybrid class…

    1. Perry


      you suspect something is not working?
      There are ways to bypass the class system, for example when learning more than 10 secondary skills (illigeal) or other secret ways that will allow to reach mulitclasses, but I will not tell you how, you need to find out yourself.
      If you want I will take a look at your savegame.

  7. HellBaron

    The error comes again…I send you another time the “Debug” Folder, the savegame and the map.


    1. Perry R

      One more question:
      since Iam not able to reproduce the error (because I have a different game version and not all the mods you use) please send me a screenshot as example from the error message, so I will know which script is responsible.
      (also see my comment above)

  8. HellBaron

    Ok. I send you three screenshots of the error message, and I try what you tell me in your post from above. If yoy need something more, please tell me.


    1. Perry R

      Okay mystery solved, with your screenshot, I could test that when you activate “Improved Spells” mod together with ACM you will get that error. It is integrated anyway, so just update to the new version, disable the mods I told you and the error will be gone.


      1. HellBaron

        OK. Thanks a lot. I will do what you tell me.

        Take care

      2. Liso1 (Post author)

        Thanks Perry for your help!

  9. HellBaron


    I have a question about THe Third Upgrade Mod. The Master Archangel Sprite is very different of the sprite that I see in the screenshots. In the game the Master Archangel has like a weird helmet in the head and his colour is white. In the screenshot he has red hair and he has blue colours and he hasn’t any helmet. Is that a bug? I remember with earlier versions of the Mod, playing with the second one Master Archangel In my opinion is better the blue one than the white one. If is not a bug, is possible to change the sprite?

    Thank You


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