Advanced Classes Mod v1.02 update (ERA 2)

Version 1.02 is ready. We have new difficulty options, better balance, changes to heroes starting skills, a new Nobility picture and several fixes! It is now possible to bring back the classic tactic skill, just look in the mod folder for Advanced Classes Mod.ini @xericsin.

Advanced Classes mod
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Further customizing of the game difficulty now possible with two options:
AI-Payday lets you set the gameday at which the AI player receives bonuses, this can be useful on very small maps or if the computer player starts very close to your location and could possibly rush you. @tupaz

The second option is Progressive Difficulty this lets you set the gameday at which the game difficulty, from AI mod, is increased. The reason is that you often start to outscale the computer opponent after several month  and lose the challenge. With this option you can, for example, say that after 4 month game sets the difficulty from Hard to Expert, this will result in more bonuses to the AI player, making the game harder, keeping the challenge alive!

Together with Neutral difficulty mod, we now have all options to customize the game difficulty to your playstyle, enjoy!

Anti-victor wielded the virtual brush and created a fantastic new secondary skill picture for the new Nobility skill, which fits much better than the old H4 icon. See the picture below.

AlfWithCake sat down and reworked many heroes starting skills, armies and specialties. Some heroes now start with extra class points which makes it possible for them to reach hybrid classes. Believe me, these are changes you always wanted in your heroes game but never had, there are no more useless heroes now. We will continue this process and make heroes 3 even better. All changes can be found in a separate help file.

I would also like to point out changes to Xarfax and Coronius magic specialities, they are now even more unique, skill and play accordingly.

Full Changelog

Version 1.0 -> 1.02

– added new icon for the secondary skill Nobility
– improved Coronius and Xarfax speciality, to make them even more unique
– changed Pathfinding speciality to reduce movement on rough terrain even more
– added Settings file (.ini) which lets players bring back tactics phase, disabled by default
– added Settings file (.ini) which lets players set AI Payday, default starts from day 1
– added an new option called progressive difficulty
– several Heroes have improved starting skills to better match their specialty, no more weak heroes!  see special readme for changes
– getting monsters event from scouting is now a better chance to match your town creatures
– on early levels, Diplomacy is now a bit more useful (will offer slightly more monsters to purchase)
– Mana artifacts now regenerate +2/4/6 spell points
– all lvl 4 creature specialists now start with 2-4 additional lvl4 creatures
– defeating battle commander now gives slightly better exp and resources reward
– casting with commander costs the Hero 1 Spell Point for each Magic-Level of the commander
– Brute Magic Arrow damage increased, Temple Guardian Lightning Bolt damage reduced
– increased Soul Eaters necro ability (from 10->20%), now also works when shooting
– Paladin and Brute “active” commander abilities are now only 50% effective when shooting (100% in Melee)
– the chance to gain gold instead of resources from Estate after the fight is doubled (22%) and new 11% chance to get nothing
– Plunder ability no longer works when attacking neutral stacks on the map
– in creature banks, only one battle commander will spawn (not two ^^)
– reduced First Aid tent heal slightly and now is not a fixed value anymore
– Necromancy Amplifiers and Artifacts effectiveness halved (thanks to Igrik for patch)
– Oger Leader and  Artillery specialist damage to ballista cut in half, still very strong and fun to play
– reduced Ingissas starting army to compensate for her Firebird start
– Learning specialists chance to receive a second stat point when level up halved
– updated all Hero speciality descriptions for Random Maps Hero selection

– fix Hunters couldn’t learn Nobility at Master rank
– fix Luck Battle Bonus was always Health
– fix Plunder ability now restores movement correct in all situations
– fix a bug in the option to grow beyond 4000, which could lead to stacks grew which should not, or it wasnt working at all
– fix monster would always fight and never join, even if set to join in map editor
– fix Wizards Well regeneration together with M/GM Intelligence
– fix Xyron and Inteus speciality picture (Now Inferno and Fireball)
– fix the right-click defend button
– fix Warfare picture
– fix bug when spells could have negative values
– fix frenzy description

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