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Po dlhšom čase je tu nová verzia VCMI s označením 0.99.  Ako obvykle zapracovalo sa na stabilite celého systému, opravené enormné množstvo nahlásených chýb od verzie 0.98f, ale prvý krát v histórii počet opravených chýb prevýšil počet nahlásených.

VCMI ešte stále nie je dokonalý systém na hranie Heroes 3 na moderných počítačoch, ale ma veľké ambície, hlavne jednoduchšia podpora modifikácií ho robí podstatne zaujímavejším, ako napr. ERA II.

VCMI 0.99

Opravy ktoré prináša verzia 0.99

* Nomads will remove Sand movement penalty from army
* Flying and water walking is now supported in pathfinder
* New artifacts supported
– Angel Wings
– Boots of Levitation
* Implemented rumors in tavern window
* New cheat codes:
– vcmiglaurung – gives 5000 crystal dragons into each slot
– vcmiungoliant – conceal fog of war for current player
* New console commands:
– gosolo – AI take control over human players and vice versa
– controlai – give control of one or all AIs to player
– set hideSystemMessages on/off – supress server messages in chat

* Drawbridge mechanics implemented (animation still missing)
* Merging of town and visiting hero armies on siege implemented
* Hero info tooltip for skills and mana implemented

* Fixed AI trying to go through underground rock
* Fixed several cases causing AI wandering aimlessly
* AI can again pick best artifacts and exchange artifacts between heroes
* AI heroes with patrol enabled won’t leave patrol area anymore

* Changed fractalization algorithm so it can create cycles
* Zones will not have straight paths anymore, they are totally random
* Generated zones will have different size depending on template setting
* Added Thieves Guild random object (1 per zone)
* Added Seer Huts with quests that match OH3
* RMG will guarantee at least 100 pairs of Monoliths are available even if there are not enough different defs

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